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Great Show!
Posted By : Denise
Posted On : 10-01-2017
Comment About Show Venue : Floore's Country Store Helotes Texas (TX)
Max, We so enjoyed seeing you at Floore's Friday night. We listen to your cd's all the time, but this was the first time seeing you in person. It will not be the last! Loved the music and energy! I grew up in Uvalde, and I was surprised to learn you were born there. South Texas is a special place! Your music and storytelling touch my heart, and I look forward to your new cd!

A reply from Max : Denise,
Thanks for coming to the show and thanks so much for the kind words. Yep, South Texas is a truly special place for me as well. I miss it terribly.  Hope to see you again somewhere soon.

Pub Fiction Gig
Posted By : Tim Ragan
Posted On : 09-05-2017
Comment About Show Venue : Pub Fiction Houston Texas
Hey Max. I just saw your show date at Pub Fiction for Sept. 7th. Their site doesn't offer any indication that you will be playing there. I did see you have a 10:00 PM show time showing on your site. That's helpful. We hope to see you there. Our last visit was the TMR festival.

A reply from Max : Tim,Sorry for the dalay in responding to this.  We wound up playing after the game ended and it was never clear what time that would happen. As it turned out, it was like 11:00 pm.  Hope you made it out anyway and hope you had fun!

love your music
Posted By : Timothy J Hoelscher
Posted On : 07-21-2017
you and your band is awesome and love your music. Hope that We can keep in touch, Tim with Schoepfs BBQ

A reply from Max : Tim,
It was great working with you. It was a hot night but a fun night. Thanks for taking such good care of us and thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you again soon.

Posted By : Sheryl Franger
Posted On : 05-14-2017
Comment About Show Venue : Third Coast Theater Port Aransas Texas (TX)
It was so good seeing you and Heather last night. Another great show. Amber was so excited about giving y'all the cookies. I told her that I was so happy that Max wrote on my shirt. Dear Sheryl I sure like you more than Amber. Love Max. Lol. She grabbed that shirt and said your lying. Lol

A reply from Max : Sheryl,
So great seeing you guys there. Thanks for coming to the show.  Amber makes me so happy. She is such a fun person. Always brightens my day to see her.  Tell Amber the cookies were great and thank her for us.

The Raven
Posted By : Larry
Posted On : 05-06-2017
How long has it been since you have seen the Raven?

A reply from Max : Too long!

Posted By : John Streckfuss
Posted On : 04-25-2017
Lost my "silverleaf" record. my last road trip wasnt quite the same. all is well as i ordered another. take care and keep her between the ditches.

A reply from Max : Hey John,
Hate that you lost it but we will make sure the warehouse folks get another one out to you!
We are playing Dan's Silverleaf this coming Saturday night coincidentally if you'd like to come relive the memory.
Till next time,

Great music
Posted By : Jimmy and Stacey Pierce
Posted On : 03-24-2017
Comment About Show Venue : Texas Music Revolution (KHYI 9 Southfork Ranch (3700 Hogge Rd, Parker TX
just saw you and your bandt tonight at TTMR21. What a great show and your music was awesome. Look forward to seeing you at one of your upcoming concerts.

A reply from Max : J & S,
Very glad you were there that night. It was a beautiful evenign and a great event. Very happy to have been a part of it. Hope you will, in fact, come and see us as soon as you can. We will be around!
All the best and thanks,

Greeetings from Joe PARSONS
Posted By : SueP & Joe Parsons
Posted On : 03-23-2017
Hello Max, Wish we could have gotten ol' Joe out to the Hideout last night! Hope you had fun and had lots of dancing like last year! Joe's feeling a bit of his 93years so if you get a chance to phone him up that would be the best medicine! Safe travels, SueP

A reply from Max : SueP,
Well dang.  Would sure have made my night to see Joe. I will do my best to get in touch with him.  Please give him my warmest regards. He's quite a fellow!  OKOM...Our kind of man!

Posted By : Don
Posted On : 03-07-2017
Some of us Yankees love your stuff too. Minnesota would love to have ya!

A reply from Max : Don,
Great to hear from you!  I will work on getting us up there to play for you.  Any venues you can suggest we should look into?
Thanks for the kind words and hope to see you someday...

Hi Max, Its Ike.
Posted By : Cary Butters
Posted On : 01-17-2017
Comment About Show Venue : Executive Surf Club Corpus Christi TX
Hey Max, Long time no see buddy. Been traveling light. I saw an add on the evening news down here about a benefit show you are putting on. Was only half listening and my ears didn't perk up till I heard your name. Hope I see it again. If not, how in the name of Ben Franklin do I get two tix to that show. Would be great to see and hear you again. Since I have all your albums on my iTunes I think of you when you roll around on the shuffle and turn my friends onto your music on my Facebook. Mucho regards, Ike

A reply from Max : Hey Ike!  
Great to hear from you!  Where you been amigo?
Yep, we are playing the Fiesta de Los Ninos benefitting the Driscoll Children's Hospital. I'm doing some digging to find out if it's something you can buy tix to or if it's truly a private event. I believe it's semi-private that they sell tables for and not necessarily individual tables.  I THINK it's basically sold out.  Which is cool but hate not getting to see you if I'm in the area.  You might check with the hospital to see if they have any's a really great institution with a great mission and history.
Hope to see you sooner rather than later!


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