Guitar Winner Announced!!
Guitar Winner Announced!!

Our amazing friends at the Texas Music omega spectre Chart chose copie rolex a winner of the Guitar contest!!  Congratulations to Rusty Locke!!!  Thanks replicas de relojes for everyone who entered! We have lots of giveaways coming up so check back for your chance to win more swag!!!

Check out the winning entry below! 

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Me and my Runnin' Buddy (this Cowboy From Catarina) were headed down I-35; we Might Have Been In Austin but I Could Be Wrong. We were supposed to be headed over to the Skyview Cabaret for a Ping Pong, Pool & horseshoe tournament. All I know is we had a Long Way to Get and there was the Heat Of A Wide Afternoon sun beating down on us.

We started pulling away from a Green Light and we see this Simple Girl with Blue EyesAnd It's True, she was Something To See! Now, All I Ever Wanted To Do was to get Home To You inTopaz City but my buddy was Lank & Lonesome & Low & Loose At Both Ends; breitling navitimer replica watches see he'd been spending a lot of Lonely Days Drunk In Mexico swearing that he'd Never Need To Fall In Love Again. He looks over as If It's Up To Me whether we offer her a ride. Hell, It's his car...

We pull over and ask where's she's headed; she says Dime Box, TX. I've seen a few maps and I never would have said that One Of The Ways we could have taken would that have been on our way. My buddy is just Crazy Like That sometimes. Nevertheless, she's Travelin' Light and we pitch her stuff over in the back seat and get back under way.

We'd been driving awhile and I think the Saddest Song Ever comes on and I crawl over the bench seat to Lay My Burdens Down and take a little nap. Next thing I know, I'm Lying Here at 3, there's a Rock Song on with a nice little Bass Run when Sparks come from the 6x9 Speakers! I look out the window and see we've stopped & I see the Girl By The Lake; my buddy is out of sight. Turns out he's using this little lake like it's Bathwater, Baby. I guess it gets it's water from this spring fed Pila near by 'cause I hear the girl holler "How Blue Can You Go before you freeze to death?" Have I ever Told You that he ain't all there?

Well, I've Got Something to confess...we spent the afternoon talking about everything under the sun and drinkin'... Naturally, I Ain't Drinking Alone and before you know it the afternoon turned into one of those Fermented Evenings...We talked about The Beatles, The ThunderTadpoles, Eagles,Scars and Souvenirs. We even talked about who we'd have at our own Fantasy Dinners...

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I pulled out my new Epiphone and started to pick a little. My buddy tried to tell that girl that he was No Kinda Dancer. They boot scooted there for a little while and before you knew it she had that ol' boy go From barely Dancin' To A beautiful Waltz...

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We loaded back replicas relojes up and instead of dropping her off, they dropped me off. I told them Goodnight,  but I Never Meant Goodbye. Last I heard they were headed to Corsicana, or El Paso....


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Rusty Locke

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