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Home To You
Posted By : Tim Ragan
Posted On : 08-10-2011
I picked up Home to You at your second Main Street Crossing show in Tomball. I don't know how most fans get to know a particular collection of songs but for me it comes with time and few listens of all the tunes. This is another great collection of your work and I've enjoyed getting to know it. Thanks. We'll see you at the Mucky Duck in a few weeks.

A reply from Max : Tim,
Thanks for taking time to really listen to it and thanks for taking time to post something here.  I think of cd/albums in terms of books/novels.  They need a beginning, a middle and an end and have to all go together for some reason. Over the years I have found that sometimes I don't even know how or why a group of songs go together on a cd till the project is almost done.  Then it becomes clear to me.  That's when the title of the cd reveals itself.  It's strange to me how it works.

I hope you enjoy the songs on the cd as much as I did writing and recording them.

Till next time,

Tenaha, Timpson, Bobo & Blair
Posted By : Cindy Griffin
Posted On : 07-31-2011
Hi Max! I was searching the net for Tex Ritter's song, Tenaha, Timpson, Bobo and Blair and I came across your song Ping Pong, Pool.....great song and you have a great voice....I grew up in Tenaha....I didn't know it was mentioned in another song.....Hope you come to deep east Texas someday soon!

A reply from Max : Cindy,
Hey there.  Yeah, my dad grew up in Garrison, TX and so as a little kid I remember his sister playing the Tex Ritter song one year at Thanksgiving.  Years later, I did some research and found out that the saying "Teneha, Timpson, Bobo & Blair" was not only somethign conductors on the railroad line that travelled that line would holler out but the saying also became a dice throwers exclamation similar to "Eighter from Decatur" and "baby needs a new pair of shows" and other sayings of that ilk.

I know you didn't ask but I thought I'd share anyway.

All the best and come see us soon.


Posted By : CW2 Troy Miller
Posted On : 07-29-2011
Just want to say I love your music. I am deployed to Afghanistan right now and needless to say days get long. Wide Afternoon Album is by far my favorite of yours. Especially Scars and Souvenirs and Cowboy from Catarina. Those songs just take me back home and seem to make me smile. Sure makes the day go by easier. Your music tells a great story. Can't wait to see you live when I get back home. Thanks again for great music.

A reply from Max : Troy,
Man....I can't tell you how honored I am that you are taking time to drop me a note here.  Thank you so very much.  I am very pleased that the songs can help you out in even the smallest of ways.  I have some other cds that I would be very happy send over to you in a care package.   if you will shoot me your mailing address, I can pull something together for you.

Do you have the "Home To You" cd?  How about "Topaz City" or any of the live cds?

Take care and let me hear back from you.....


Main Street Crossing
Posted By : cj
Posted On : 07-24-2011
I heard today where I ride (barn) that you have performed in Tomball on Wednesday's but I don't see you on the calendar anytime soon. Love your music and hope you get can booked at the Mainstreet Crossing again.

A reply from Max : We are certainly hoping to get to come back down to the Main Street Crossing.  We really enjoy getting to play there.  We will keep you posted.


Sarah and laurens grad party
Posted By : Hayden schramme
Posted On : 06-16-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Main Street Crossing 111 W.Main, Tomball TX
Max I just want to say that your music is great! Seeing you in gruene hall, and main street crossing is always wonderful! Thank you so much for your music and the awesome show you put on at Lauren and sarahs graduation party!

A reply from Max : Hayden,
It is all my extreme pleasure. Thanks so much for the continued support and for the great post.

My New Favorite Song!!
Posted By : Kelly Calahan
Posted On : 06-13-2011
Just want to say I absolutely love your new song....Long Way To it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reply from Max : Kelly,
So glad to hear that you like it. I'm partial to it myself.  Come see us.

Missing too many shows...
Posted By : David Miller
Posted On : 06-08-2011
Absolutely missing too many shows...can't wait to see you guys again. Been way too long...

A reply from Max : Davis,
I completely agree.  You need to get out and see us.  Bring it on.

Regarding Private Party Sunday June 5
Posted By : Mark Dawson
Posted On : 06-02-2011
Max- You're playing at my daughter's and Lauren J.'s party this Sunday. I would love to hear "Look In My Past" if at all possible. Wonderful songwriting!

A reply from Max : Mark,
That was a good time!  Thanks so much for letting us be a part of the big day!

Even better in person!
Posted By : Debbie Anderson
Posted On : 05-23-2011
This was our first time to see you in person, but it sure won't be our last. It was a pleasure chatting with you after the show - hope you think of us when you pass the house with the red roof!

A reply from Max : Debbie,
It was great having you at the L&W show.  Hope you had as much fun as we did.
I will think about y'all when we take the back roads and pass the house with the very red roof.
All the best,

Great Music!
Posted By : Tim
Posted On : 05-22-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Main Street Crossing Tomball TX
Max, I'd only heard one of two of your songs before your Jan appearance in Tomball. You and Heather blew my wife and a away. I bought 3 of your CDs and Heather's Blacktop Gypsy. They are in the regular rotation and we are tracking your shows to catch more of your shows. Thanks!

A reply from Max : Tim,
So glad you came to the show and even more glad you enjoyed yourselves.  We are very happy you like the music and hope you will come to more shows in the future.  We have lots of full band shows coming up in your area over the summer.  If you'd like another dose of the Max and Heather show, then come see us at the Main Street Crossing in Tomball on June 15th!  See you there?

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