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McKinney Show
Posted By : Peter Hightower
Posted On : 04-27-2011
Max, Enjoyed your show down at Luckenbach back in November can't wait to make the thousand mile drive back to Texas and first stop is your show at Hank's. Looking forward to some good ol Texas Country Music. Pete

A reply from Max :

Mucky Duck
Posted By : Randy L
Posted On : 04-27-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Mucky Duck 2425 Norfolk, Houston TX
Enjoyed the hell outa hearing you play Saturday nite. I dont know how many times I have gone home and Rusty has said "Max just played..." or "Max is gonna be playing"... the day before we go there, or after we had to leave. Just happened to pick the right weekend to go to Houston. Awesome.

A reply from Max :

Steamboat was a blast!
Posted By : Bo Hale
Posted On : 04-09-2011
Hey Max, Loved you at the Bear River Bar and Grill in Steamboat. Hope to catch you when you come to Galveston on the 22nd, at the Old Quarter Acoustic cafe. Sing on brother! Bo

A reply from Max : Bo,
Good times!  Steamboat is a great event and place.  Come see us at sea level in Galveston!

Posted By : Katy
Posted On : 04-07-2011
The most awesome shows I have ever seen is when Jason picks up his Bass player--Go Jason!

A reply from Max : Katy,'s something to behold!


Love and War Plano
Posted By : Kate D.
Posted On : 04-05-2011
Max, Alright, it's official. We are coming down from Oklahoma to the show on April 16th at Love and War in Plano. I was just wondering though, do we need to buy tickets? I've never actually been to a show there before but we don't want to miss you! Just wondering, can't wait to FINALLY see ya play!!

A reply from Max : Kate D!
I'm so glad to hear you are coming to the show at L&W. It should be plenty of fun.  I don't expect you need to get tickets in advance....I'm not even sure L&W sells advance tickets but you might call the venue and ask them....they will be able to tell you if you should/can get them in advance.

See you at Love & War!


Great show
Posted By : Emilio
Posted On : 02-27-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Schroeder Hall Goliad TX
Hi Max, My family and I enjoyed your show last night at Schroeder hall. Very nice job. when you introduced your guitar player, you said he was from belton, texas. well my wife is a belton high graduate, as is my sister in law. What year did bryce graduate from BHS? Maybe my Sis in law knows him. Again great show last night. can't to see you again sometime.

A reply from Max :

Baby Onezie
Posted By : Tracy Matthies
Posted On : 02-23-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Coupland Dancehall Coupland TX
Max, my husband and I enjoyed your show this weekend at the Coupland Dance Hall. We took a photo of our little boy in his "Milk Drinking All-Star" onezie.... so we are emailing it to your agent. (It is the only email address I found on the site.) Check it out when you have time. Thank you - and your band - for sharing your talents with the rest of us! God bless you and yours.

A reply from Max : Tracy,
We got the pics and they are awesome. That is one beautiful baby you have.  And he looks really dashing in the milk drinking all star onesie.  Thanks for dressing him up and thanks for the pics.
Hope to see you soon.

Been 2 Long!
Posted By : James Blair
Posted On : 02-17-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Floores Country Store 14492 Old Bandera Rd. , Helotes TX
Back in DFW after 3 years living in the Hill Country. Not sure how i feel about that one yet! Saw a lot of great shows at Floores Country Store looking forward to the poor davids show in march been 2 long !

A reply from Max :

Thanks for stopping by the website. 

Welcome back to North Texas...I know it's not the Hill Country but it has it's attractions.  See you at PDs.


London to Coupland
Posted By : Martha
Posted On : 02-16-2011
Hey Max - Hoping you remember me. It's been too long. I'm living in the UK now but will be back in the States in time for your Coupland show. I'm hoping to bring my Dad (who is a great fan and is fast approaching 90) to the show. I'm trying to get the timing down so that he doesn't tire before he gets to hear at least a few songs. If we could say hello it would mean a lot. So happy you're still making music - thanks for the solace and inspiration you've given me over the years and for continuing to bring a little bit of warm sunny Texas to the sometimes chilly UK. Hope to see you very soon.

A reply from Max : Martha,
Heck yes, I remember you.  I do so hope you can make it to Coupland. It's a great dancehall and it should be a great night.  I hope your dad can hang in there long enough to enjoy the festivities a while.

Look forward to seeing you at Coupland.


Oklahoma City!
Posted By : Kate D
Posted On : 01-26-2011
Max, I know I've been hounding you to get up here North of the Red River, but now that you actually are coming, I am not able to go!! I have to go out of town!! I can't believe my luck, you really need to check with me before you make your tour dates. ;) I know that the show will be wonderful and you'll be coming back up here real soon! Until then, I'll just keep coming down south to see you.

A reply from Max : Kate D,
I will be sure you are in the loop on all future booking and routing decisions...for sure.  Ha.  I am sorry you aren't going to make the show.  Please send two or more people to take your place.  If things go well, we will for sure come back up there at a time better suited to your schedule.

All the best and thanks,

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