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Posted On : 01-25-2011
Hey Max... My brother and me were laying on a creek bank in the late summer of 2005. We were bank pole fishing and drinking ALOT of Old Milwaukee, when he demanded I sing him a song. So without any guitar in sight I started singing, both his and my favorite Max song, Burdens Down. It seemed fitting for the occasion as well. That was the last song I got to sing for him and one of the last memories I have with him. He passed away just a few weeks later. So at his funeral I sang it to him one last time. The damn mike quit, but I just kept singing anyway. I was right beside him, so I'm sure he didn't care. Anyway I've been one of your biggest fans for about 10 years now and I am finally gonna get to see your show for the first time on Friday at the Blue Door in Oklahoma City. I guess that is what probably prompted this message and also a long overdue thank you for writing such a great song. thanks again, Wild Bill

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Howdy Pard
Posted By : Weed Simpson
Posted On : 01-21-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Dan's Silverleaf 103 Industrial, Denton Texas
HI Max....The show at Dans was excellent, I don't get to see you, my old friend, as much as I would like....will try to fix that....keep the honest music coming !!! - Weed

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Thank you!
Posted By : Gina Mann
Posted On : 01-18-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Larry Joe Taylor's Music Festi Melody Mountain Ranch , Stephenville Texas
Max, the first time I heard you was under the acoustic stage at LJT(22nd) Music Festival. It was damp and cold, but I loved hearing your sweet words of song that day and it warmed us up greatly. We've been fans ever since. I love your songs that speak from the heart directly into ours. Thank you.

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New Site
Posted By : Rusty Locke
Posted On : 01-18-2011
Hey, Max! Really like the new site! Looks like there are a couple shows coming up that we'll make (Shuckers & Sons). See ya soon!

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Thanks Very Much
Posted By : David
Posted On : 01-18-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Floores Country Store 14492 Old Bandera Rd. , Helotes TX
Enjoyed the Floore show so very much, it was our early New year Eve party. Thanks for the great music. Our boys 3 and 6 are still chasing each other around the house singing " I aint drinking alone, I'm on the phone with my brother"

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Over Due
Posted By : Clint
Posted On : 01-18-2011
max: I am looking forward to seeing you guys at Shuckers on the 29th. It has been a long time, I think the last time I saw you was out in Commerce several years ago. Hell i think back then Heather was still playing with Mark. lol Anyways I have been folowing your new music and really like it, although I still enjoy your older stuff. Anyways we are bringin a big crew out for a birthday party so it should be a great time. Can't wait and have a good one my friend.

A reply from Max :

Posted By : James Taylor
Posted On : 11-23-2010
Howdy, Luckenbach was a blast. The wife and I enjoyed your new CD on the ride home. The only request that I have is to make sure the game is on a TV close by next time. We were waiting on text updates. Take care. James

A reply from Max : James, Luckenbach is always a good time. Thanks for coming out. Sorry bout the tv...but then if it had been on you wouldn't have heard a single song we played. All the best, Max

Time's Hand in Your Pocket
Posted By : Cletus & Daphne
Posted On : 11-01-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Private Party
Max and crew ... thanks for making our anniversary a truly special event! You cemented your star status with us long-time fans and created a whole new following with the first-timers. All commented on how you fit in like a long-time friend ... that's partly your wonderfully written and performed music and partly the fact you're just one of the good guys. Here's hoping you're so wildly successful we can't afford you for our 20th!! May ask for the 'repeat customer' discount though! Cheers!

A reply from Max : Cletus and Daphne, It was our absolute pleasure getting to be part of such a cool event as your 15th anniversary....what a great group of people....and what a cool venue for the party. Viva Fischer Hall! We hope to get to see you for the 20th and we are glad to hear that everybody enjoyed themselves. I know we did. All the best and hope to see you guys again sooner than 5 years from now. Max p.s. thanks for the Scotch! That was TOOOO kind of you.

Hey Cuz!
Posted By : Steve Stallings
Posted On : 10-21-2010
Wish I could make it out the 29th but I'm playing steel for Rosehill at Cypress Saloon the same night. Enjoy your music even if we aren't related!

A reply from Max : Steve, So you think we might really be cousins? That would be cool. However, I don't know how closely we are related as I don't have an "s" on the back end. Where are you and your people from? Max

Sorry we missed ya
Posted By : Clayton @ Holly
Posted On : 10-18-2010
Man , hope my cousin did not embarass the family out at Swiss Alps and yes I know I told ya we would see ya at the Firehouse, Happy Holly was not feeling well and I do not do well without supervision . Gonna try yo see ya in Tomball !

A reply from Max : C, No worries what so ever! Didn't see anything happen that you would worry about. Hope to see you guys again as soon as possible! Max

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