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What a birthday
Posted By : Cody
Posted On : 09-07-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Texas Hall Of Fame 649 N. Harvey MitchellParkway, Bryan TX
My mom got me hooked on your music when I was a little boy and my favorite song was comfort in the curves. For my 13th birthday I actually got to see you play at the Texana with Mark David Manders aand you both singed my hat. You told a story about for your 13th birthday you wanted to go to the junkyard and shoot bottles with a bb gun. Have to say I think you concert was WAY more fun. Cant wait to have the chance to see you again in concert. Hopefully someday you are around the Amarillo or Abilene area!

A reply from Max : Cody, Ah, those were good times! I hope you can come see us again also. Not sure when we are going to get out your way but it will be before too long. All the best. Your friend, Max

Great Show at Hank's
Posted By : Kay
Posted On : 08-31-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Blanco's 3406 W. Alabama, Houston TX
I've been listening for about 15 years and your music gets better & better. I was at Hank's on Friday and got to see your new wife & both of you perform. I love your lyrics and am continually amazed at the stories. I bought the new release and am still absorbing it. Also replaced my "Wide Open Spaces". I wore the first CD out! I'm so happy that you decided to write & sing songs instead of staying at Frito-Lay!!! Your show made my summer and I am looking forward to the next time you are in the Dallas area.

A reply from Max : Kay, Thanks so much for coming out to the show. That was a good time. Hope you will come to some more in the near future. I'm proud of the new cd and am glad that Wide PM cd is still one you want to listen to. Till next time. Max

Thanks Max
Posted By : Matt
Posted On : 08-22-2010
Hey Max. I just wanted to say that your show at Gruene Hall was the best. I've seen you play live several times, but the energy and music was the best I had ever seen. I also wanted to say that the new album is absolutely fantastic. The songs are great and really seem to hit home with me. Your music always has deep meaning to me. The song Topaz City has constantly been playing these past few days, reminding me that as my friends and I go our separate ways for college, change is inevitable, but it will be ok. The songs off of your new album make me laugh(Fantasy Dinner), and get me thinking about the important people in my life(Home to You, Have I Ever Told You). Your songs hold special memories for my friends and I. I guess I'm just saying thank you for the awesome music that my friends and I love to listen to.

A reply from Max : Matt, That was a special night. So glad you came out there with us. We sure did enjoy ourselves. Yes, change is pretty much the only thing you can count on for sure. However, it is not always a bad thing. Best wishes to you and yours out there and please come see us again. Max

Great work on new album!
Posted By : Roger
Posted On : 08-20-2010
I just got the new CD in the mail (autographed via Lone Star Music - thank you very much!). I think its terrific and really your best album yet. I've already told half a dozen friends to go pick it up. Great work!

A reply from Max : Roger, I'm so glad that you got the disc and that you are enjoying it. It was a pleasure making it and am hopeful that people have as much fun listening to it as we did making it. All the best, Max

Crazy Like That
Posted By : Dale Barkman
Posted On : 08-20-2010
I have been playing the new CD a lot and my 22 month old grand daughter is now running around the house singing Crazy Like That. If you ever need a back up singer for it she is ready.

A reply from Max : Dale, We can always use some extra help on the stage. We will check back when she is old enough to get in the bars. All the best and thanks! Max

See you at the Rattlesnake Inn
Posted By : Slick Ike
Posted On : 08-19-2010
Hi Max, Long time no see. Life in Austin is good (even surrounded by tea sippers) and I trust that all is well with you and the boys in the band. Wifey and I love the new album and can't wait to hear ya"ll play it live in Georgetown. On a personal note, I'm not sure if there is room in the world for a 'lil Ike but after all due consideration Wifey and I are giving it a go. We don't like sleep anyway so we thought we'd bring a tiny little jarhead in to remove any urge to do so. Please wish us luck . Will let you know when the rabbit dies. Many regards and see you at the Rattlesnake, Ike

A reply from Max : Ike, A little Slick Ike?!?! What could be better. All the luck to you and the missus and we'll see you at the Rattlesnake. Hopefully you will have a 9 month designated driver. Max

Crowded and Hot
Posted By : Heather Menn
Posted On : 08-19-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Larry Joe Taylor's Music Festi Melody Mountain Ranch , Stephenville Texas
Max, My husband and I planned a week-end get-away to Gruene on August 20. We were both so excited to get to see you and dance to your music. We had to leave the hall before you ever came on stage because it was so hot and crowded. Please do a show at Schroeder Hall so we can dance to your music in an air conditioned place.

A reply from Max : Heather, Sorry to hear you guys weren't able to stick around. It was a fun night...but it was, in fact, hot and crowded. Is Schroeder still operating these days? Thanks so much, Max

Home to You
Posted By : Dale Barkman
Posted On : 08-18-2010
The new CD finally arrived yesterday and I just had to write to tell you how great I think it is. This is your best yet, I think which is quite an accomplishment since they are all so outstanding.

A reply from Max : Dale, So pleased that you like it. I'm very proud of it. Hope it wears well for you. Thanks, Max

Great New CD
Posted By : Israel (Izzy)
Posted On : 08-17-2010
Hi Max, It has been awhile. Not sure if you remember me, but I use to go to your shows alot and then moved out to CA. I sure miss your live shows. Can't wait to get back to Texas. Your CD is Great!!!!. So is your stuff on youtube with the raido station. Your song writting just keeps getting better and better. Home To You is a great song. Are you going to put your songs on your site like your first three albums, the kind were you write what your songs are about and what you were thinking of during the time you wrote them. Can't say enough on how much I like your songs and hard work. It shows well in your music.. Thanks for all that you do.. With care, Israel

A reply from Max : Izzy, Of course I remember you! Long time no talk to. How is Cali treating you? Thanks for the nice words about the new cd. I'm very proud of it and hope the rest of the world enjoys it as much as the band and I did making it. We are looking to put together a new website. We will look into the concept of adding that feature. Good thinking! Come see us and take care of yourself. Max

New Album
Posted By : Meredith
Posted On : 08-16-2010
Max - we are super excited about your new album. replicas cartier Do you know what stores in the DFW area will have them available for sale tomorrow?

A reply from Max : M, You can get the new cd at Bill's Records and Tapes.replicas omega It's also going to be at Hastings and Best Buy stores. If you want to order it online, you can at Hope you get one and I hope you like it. replicas audemars piguet Thanks, Max

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