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Crowded and Hot
Posted By : Heather Menn
Posted On : 08-19-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Larry Joe Taylor's Music Festi Melody Mountain Ranch , Stephenville Texas
Max, My husband and I planned a week-end get-away to Gruene on August 20. We were both so excited to get to see you and dance to your music. We had to leave the hall before you ever came on stage because it was so hot and crowded. Please do a show at Schroeder Hall so we can dance to your music in an air conditioned place.

A reply from Max : Heather, Sorry to hear you guys weren't able to stick around. It was a fun night...but it was, in fact, hot and crowded. Is Schroeder still operating these days? Thanks so much, Max

Home to You
Posted By : Dale Barkman
Posted On : 08-18-2010
The new CD finally arrived yesterday and I just had to write to tell you how great I think it is. This is your best yet, I think which is quite an accomplishment since they are all so outstanding.

A reply from Max : Dale, So pleased that you like it. I'm very proud of it. Hope it wears well for you. Thanks, Max

Great New CD
Posted By : Israel (Izzy)
Posted On : 08-17-2010
Hi Max, It has been awhile. Not sure if you remember me, but I use to go to your shows alot and then moved out to CA. I sure miss your live shows. Can't wait to get back to Texas. Your CD is Great!!!!. So is your stuff on youtube with the raido station. Your song writting just keeps getting better and better. Home To You is a great song. Are you going to put your songs on your site like your first three albums, the kind were you write what your songs are about and what you were thinking of during the time you wrote them. Can't say enough on how much I like your songs and hard work. It shows well in your music.. Thanks for all that you do.. With care, Israel

A reply from Max : Izzy, Of course I remember you! Long time no talk to. How is Cali treating you? Thanks for the nice words about the new cd. I'm very proud of it and hope the rest of the world enjoys it as much as the band and I did making it. We are looking to put together a new website. We will look into the concept of adding that feature. Good thinking! Come see us and take care of yourself. Max

New Album
Posted By : Meredith
Posted On : 08-16-2010
Max - we are super excited about your new album. replicas cartier Do you know what stores in the DFW area will have them available for sale tomorrow?

A reply from Max : M, You can get the new cd at Bill's Records and Tapes.replicas omega It's also going to be at Hastings and Best Buy stores. If you want to order it online, you can at Hope you get one and I hope you like it. replicas audemars piguet Thanks, Max

RE: Keep gettin intercepted....
Posted By : James Finch
Posted On : 08-13-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Cactus Cafe 24th and Guadalupe, Austin TX
Yes Sir, amde it out there last night, I was the guy with the classical guitar you autographed, glad I got that new album, I like it alot! Great show last night. Keep up the good work!

A reply from Max : James, Thanks for coming out... Glad you like the cd. Till next time. Max

missed you
Posted By : Jo Sicking
Posted On : 08-11-2010
Missed you here at Doc's in Muenster last Saturday nite when the girls were here. Hope to get in touch with you soon. Congratulations on your new album! You're still the best!! Jo & Norma

A reply from Max : Jo, Wish I could have been there. Sure sounds like a nice time. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Maybe we could do a show up there? Max

Keep gettin intercepted.....
Posted By : James Finch
Posted On : 08-09-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Bass Performance Hall 4th and Calhoun Streets, Ft. Worth TX
Glad yall are makin it back into central Texas, plan on makin it to Belton on the 12th, hope yall have plenty of the New Albums I've been hounding you about! Sure hoping work doesnt call me back out so I can see a show or two this yr.

A reply from Max : James, Did you make it out last night? Max

Amphitheater in August
Posted By : Sam Hoggatt
Posted On : 08-06-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Poor David's Pub 1313 South Lamar, Dallas TX
Max was plenty warm in Conroe , but you guys were HOT......GREAT songs.....catchin' your show is kinda like sittin' down to whole meal of comfort foods.... ...I'll put the word out.... Sam Hoggatt (guy w/eyepatch)

A reply from Max : Sam, You are too kind. Glad you came out and hope will come see us again. Thanks for the kind words. Max

Great Review of Home To You on
Posted By : Jason Revis
Posted On : 07-29-2010
Hi! I just saw a great review of Max Stalling's "Home To You" at I want to buy the album so bad, and I'm going to be at Best Buy at 10 am on Aug 17!!! Jason Revis

A reply from Max : Jason, You might double check with Best Buy before you go....I think they may be running a few days behind on getting the cd into their system. You might order online from though. Or come to a live show? Thanks, Max

Hot summer nights in Lindsay, TX
Posted By : Janice Williams
Posted On : 07-27-2010
Comment About Show Venue : KJ-97 County Line Country Musi 10101 I-10 West, San Antonio TX
Enjoyed meeting Max on Saturday and seeing to it that the band didn't go on without full stomachs! Thanks again for playing the Lindsay Tractor Pull! Hope you'll come again next year.

A reply from Max : Janice, We had a great time at the LTP! Glad we got to do it and hope we can do it again someday. Max

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