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Posted By : Allan Embury
Posted On : 07-11-2010
Hello from The Great White North Max..Rusty opened my ears to your music several months back..and You are on my "A" List ever since...Just put on Wide Afternoon and am enjoying it's a good thing CD's don't wear out the way vinyl used to.Keep on keepin on...I'm looking forward to the August release.Your #1 fan north of the border....:0)

A reply from Max : Allan, Thanks for the post. Stay warm up there...though I doubt that is a problem right now. We have a new cd coming out August 17th that I hope will please you as well. Thanks, Max

John and Nancy from Doha, Qatar (used to be Bryan/CS)
Posted By : John
Posted On : 07-10-2010
Dear Max, Nancy and I are arguing. Could you write me a song? You could call it "You never buy me nothing that you couldn't get at Wal Mart." We sure miss good ol' Texas music. If you get a traveling bug then you have a place to stay in Doha. John

A reply from Max : John, I hope the argument is a fun one and not the "serious' kind. Love the title. I bet you almost have it done already. No need for me to get involved. All the best and stay cool over there. Max

Posted By : Corey Blissit
Posted On : 07-02-2010
Max, And chance you and REK will be sharing the stage again like last year at floores. You two are the best in Texas and need to make that a annual thing.

A reply from Max : Corey, That would be fun. Maybe put in a request with the venue for us. Take care of yourself and we will see you soon. Max

Great to see you again!!
Posted By : Candace
Posted On : 06-26-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Midnight Rodeo-Amarillo 4400 South Georgia, Amarillo TX
Hi Max, it was great to see you and the band in Gainesville Friday night! Sure glad the rain came and went! You sang some of my favorites (I was your "Scars" requestor, LOVE it!, and Sparks too! - well really, just love your music...period) It had been awhile since I'd made it to a show, so I was really excited to hear some of the new songs! Can't wait for the Aug release date! I brought a friend with me who had not heard you before - you have a new fan! (no surprise there...) Keep writing, keep singing, we'll keep coming - you and your band never ever disappoint! A big fan, CB

A reply from Max : C, That was a fun night. Great event that Gainesville has put together. I hope folks will continue to support it. It looks like they have some more great music coming in there. Till next time, Max

County Line BBQ
Posted By : Kathy
Posted On : 06-24-2010
Comment About Show Venue : KHYI Morning Show with Bruce
Great show last night in SATX. Thanks !

A reply from Max : Kathy, Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you will come see us in Gruene August 13th....CD release party. Max

I <3 Max Stalling
Posted By : Kelly Martin
Posted On : 06-09-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Executive Surf Club 309 N. Water Street, Corpus Christi TX
Sure do miss y'all.

A reply from Max :

Hot Summer Nights
Posted By : Janna
Posted On : 06-08-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Private Party
Max, sure enjoyed seeing you and the band in Sherman. I finally got to take the kids to one of your shows! It was really a blast, even with the crazy dancing guy. You guys handled it well!

A reply from Max : J, That dude could dance! It was a little bit distracting but worth it to learn some of his steps. Till next time, Max

Anxious and Cant Wait any longer! Release date soon?
Posted By : James Finch
Posted On : 06-04-2010
To the band: I think you guys are doin great, Love the music, love the sound, and like seein yall play live, although I havent had a chance to catch many shows this year, I still believe yall put on a great show that is above and beyond other artists I like. Truely a Texas Music Icon if you ask me. Whats the latest on the new album yall put down back in march? Any idea of a relaese date yet? I dig the music, and enjoy turnin on new listeners to the music. Keep up the excellent work, and try to book some shows in central texas.

A reply from Max : James, You are extremely kind. Thanks for saying so many nice things. We are planning on having the new cd out in August...good Lord willing and you know the rest. Till later, Max

Hello again!!
Posted By : Brenda Hantsche
Posted On : 06-04-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Beaumont Ranch 10736 County Road 102, Grandview Texas
MAX~WE were soooo excited to see you on our summer concert series schedule! We heard you yrs ago at Texana Rest. w/ Mark David Manders, your poster w/ autograph still hangs in our office. That was when our favorite song was still nameless. Hope to hear you in McKinney also~your new cd will make a great Father's Day gift. If you're driving through Sherman, come visit & see our tree house! Your Sherman Fans, Brenda & Bryan

A reply from Max : Brenda, Did you guys make it out there last night? It was a fun evening. Max

YES~we were there!!
Posted By : Brenda hantsche
Posted On : 06-04-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Beaumont Ranch 10736 County Road 102, Grandview Texas
MAX~We wouldn't have missed it!! So greatful for the cloud cover & cooler temps-you did a wonderful show, as did the band. Sherman's quite musical, we love it here, hope you're a reular Hot Summer Night guest!!

A reply from Max : Hope so too. Thanks, Max

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