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Posted By : Judy Tate
Posted On : 05-16-2010
So so sorry I missed you at Buc Days! Casey is at the ranch and called 98.1 in Laredo to request your music. They said they had none of your recordings. I don't know the protocol, but maybe this can be corrected. Hope to catch a show, I am in real need of a Max fix.

A reply from Max : Judy, We are playing in Laredo this weekend. Any chance you will make it out there? Thanks, Max

Great Show at Larry Joe Taylor's
Posted By : Jeff
Posted On : 04-26-2010
Max, You guys sounded great. it was the best Acoustic act of the week. I also enjoyed talking to you briefly and getting you to sign your song set. I love the new album and DVD. Keep up the great music. Jeff Key TTU

A reply from Max : Jeff, Good time! Good time! Max

Clayton from Coupland Tx.
Posted By : Clayton Ging
Posted On : 04-20-2010
Hey max its Clayton from Coupland. Thanks again for leting me open for ya. Maybe someday i can do it again but next time not so many COLORADO KOOL-AIDS for me, and i forgot to tell ya that night i got plenty cows to punch and way to much to do but let me know next time your in mexico on a sunday afternoon. Adios. P.S. NINBOO is my FIANCe i need my own email name.

A reply from Max : Clayton, It was a good time. Hope to see you again and keep those cows well punched. Max

Nancy and John from A&M
Posted By : John & Nancy
Posted On : 04-07-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Coupland Dancehall Coupland TX
Howdy Max - it's been awhile but we're hopin to come see you Sat at Coupland (just got your newsletter). We're moving overseas and you're first on the bucket list before we go. Second is Pacho's in Dilley for some good ol' Tex Mex. If we get to visit at Coupland we'll try real hard to be sober this time. But be ready - we're gonna talk you in to playing the Boot Scootin' Ball in Doha, Qatar next year. Just sayin'.

A reply from Max : J&N, Well, I sure hope to get to see you before you head out overseas! But be aware...the Coupland show is Friday and not Saturday. Come see us. Till Friday, Max

small world...
Posted By : Martha
Posted On : 04-06-2010
Hey Max - It's been a while since I've seen you, and I wonder how you've been :) I'm living in southeast England now - about a 1/2 block from the beach. It's beautiful and sunny and the daffodils and fruit trees are in bloom. This morning I was sitting in my study doing some work on-line and my gardener came knocking on my door to ask what I was listening to. I took Comfort in the Curves from my player and told him about you. He said he'd just been to SXSW in Austin. So you've a new fan in England and I need to figure out if LoneStar ships internationally. I miss seeing you but your CDs always take me back to Texas. Hope all is well in your part of the world.

A reply from Max : Martha, So great to hear from you. So you made the jump over the big pond. Very cool. Thanks for touching base and hope that if you ever get back over to the US, come see a show. All the best. Max

Posted By : Mark Douglass
Posted On : 04-03-2010
Max - love your work and wish that you got more recognition for what you do. I have been in Atlanta for 10-years but can never get enough of you, Lyle, REK, TVZ, etc. Do you ever make it "out east"? REK makes a regular turn through Atlanta...a lot of transplanted Texans show him a ton of support. Gig'em...BQ'90.

A reply from Max : Mark, Man, what a nice group to put me in. I feel very honored as that's some high praise. I hope to get out your direction and do some shows. Take care and come see us if you ever get back back this way...oh, and gig em. Max '89

Coming to Oklahoma?
Posted By : Kate Deaton
Posted On : 03-26-2010
I'm a transplated Texas, living in Oklahoma City right now and I was just wondering if you would consider coming up here to play a show. I'd love to see ya again!!! just a thought! Thanks!

A reply from Max : Kate, We are looking to get up your direction....just haven't had a chance yet. Keep an eye out for us... Thanks, Max

Posted By : Mark
Posted On : 03-22-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Texas Hall Of Fame 649 N. Harvey MitchellParkway, Bryan TX
Max, We missed you at TMR 14. It wasnt the same with you! Mark.

A reply from Max : Mark, Thanks for the note. Maybe next year.... Max

Lookin' Forward To May
Posted By : Rusty
Posted On : 03-17-2010
Hey Max. Just reserved a table for Hank's on May 21st. It won't be quite as cool as the deck 4 years ago but cool, nonetheless. See ya' soon.

A reply from Max : Rusty, Indeed. But fun none-the-less. Max

Rio Grande Valley
Posted By : Fred Martin
Posted On : 03-05-2010
Hey Max, are you ever going to make it down to the Rio Grande Valley? You have a ton of fans down here. The Pila song is our deer camp anthem. Head south we will take you and your guys fishingin the Gulf. Saludos

A reply from Max : Fred, We just did a show down in Arroyo City on Saturday night. Holler at us. We'd love to come see you guys. Thanks and stay out of the Pila. Max

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