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Hot Summer Nights
Posted By : Janna
Posted On : 06-08-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Private Party
Max, sure enjoyed seeing you and the band in Sherman. I finally got to take the kids to one of your shows! It was really a blast, even with the crazy dancing guy. You guys handled it well!

A reply from Max : J, That dude could dance! It was a little bit distracting but worth it to learn some of his steps. Till next time, Max

Anxious and Cant Wait any longer! Release date soon?
Posted By : James Finch
Posted On : 06-04-2010
To the band: I think you guys are doin great, Love the music, love the sound, and like seein yall play live, although I havent had a chance to catch many shows this year, I still believe yall put on a great show that is above and beyond other artists I like. Truely a Texas Music Icon if you ask me. Whats the latest on the new album yall put down back in march? Any idea of a relaese date yet? I dig the music, and enjoy turnin on new listeners to the music. Keep up the excellent work, and try to book some shows in central texas.

A reply from Max : James, You are extremely kind. Thanks for saying so many nice things. We are planning on having the new cd out in August...good Lord willing and you know the rest. Till later, Max

Hello again!!
Posted By : Brenda Hantsche
Posted On : 06-04-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Beaumont Ranch 10736 County Road 102, Grandview Texas
MAX~WE were soooo excited to see you on our summer concert series schedule! We heard you yrs ago at Texana Rest. w/ Mark David Manders, your poster w/ autograph still hangs in our office. That was when our favorite song was still nameless. Hope to hear you in McKinney also~your new cd will make a great Father's Day gift. If you're driving through Sherman, come visit & see our tree house! Your Sherman Fans, Brenda & Bryan

A reply from Max : Brenda, Did you guys make it out there last night? It was a fun evening. Max

YES~we were there!!
Posted By : Brenda hantsche
Posted On : 06-04-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Beaumont Ranch 10736 County Road 102, Grandview Texas
MAX~We wouldn't have missed it!! So greatful for the cloud cover & cooler temps-you did a wonderful show, as did the band. Sherman's quite musical, we love it here, hope you're a reular Hot Summer Night guest!!

A reply from Max : Hope so too. Thanks, Max

Hot summer nights
Posted By : Jill
Posted On : 06-03-2010
look forward to hearing you tonight in Sherman, Texas!!!!!

A reply from Max : Jill, Good times! Max

Laredo show
Posted By : Judy Tate
Posted On : 05-28-2010
I have been away from my computer (dang it) If I had known you were going to be in Laredo tomorrow I would have been there for sure even tho my ranch house is a disaster zone. Casey is out there now repairing it

A reply from Max : Judy, We had fun without you. Till next time. Max

Concert in Corpus Christi in February
Posted By : Jason
Posted On : 05-24-2010
Caught your show in Corpus Christi as a buddy and I went on a random road trip across Texas. I'm from Illinois. I hadn't heard your music before and am addicted now. You are a lyrical poet. Hope to catch another show soon.

A reply from Max : Jason, I'm pleased to hear from you. Thanks for listening. I hope the music suits you well up there in the "Prairie State." Max

Thanks for putting out the great music that you do.
Posted By : R C Segovia
Posted On : 05-23-2010
Hey Max, I was introduced to your music by my son who is currently serving our country in the Army.Though he never had an opportunity to see you live, he & I have really enjoyed listening to all your music.Thanks for putting out "I-35" (one of YOUR songs that he has on his ipod to say the least) , it always boosted his moral right b-4 coming home on leave from Iraq & Afghan. Thanks for putting out the great music that you do & hope to see @ The County Line in June 2010. God Bless, R C Segovia

A reply from Max : RC, You have a fine son, I must say...brave, patriotic and excellent taste in music! All kidding aside, thanks for listening and moreover, thanks to him for the work he is doing. God's Speed, Max

Austin City Limits Fest ????
Posted By : Slick Ike
Posted On : 05-19-2010
Hi Max and all. Have not seen you cats since me and Wifey's engagement party at Brewster's.Life is good in Austin and I love it here.No more tv dinners for me and a pretty wife to boot! Some of the talent for the ACL Fest has been announced but not all. Do ya'll know if you are playing there? I will be looking here for Austin and surrounding area dates and look forward to seeing you soon. BTW, enjoyed the DVD very much. Kindest regards, Ike

A reply from Max : Ike, Well, these cats miss you. You need to bring the lady out and see us sometime. Don't think we will be at ACL...perhaps next year? Keep the faith. Max

Posted By : Judy Tate
Posted On : 05-16-2010
So so sorry I missed you at Buc Days! Casey is at the ranch and called 98.1 in Laredo to request your music. They said they had none of your recordings. I don't know the protocol, but maybe this can be corrected. Hope to catch a show, I am in real need of a Max fix.

A reply from Max : Judy, We are playing in Laredo this weekend. Any chance you will make it out there? Thanks, Max

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