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Great Show!
Posted By : David
Posted On : 06-15-2015
Comment About Show Venue : Grand Stafford Theater Bryan TX
Max - Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show at the Grand Stafford Theater in Bryan on June 12th. I follow you when you're in the BCS area and I thought this was a really great show. Please come back to BCS often! Thanks.

A reply from Max : David,
Thanks so much for the kind words. We really enjoyed getting to play the Stafford. What a cool room.  I'm very glad to know you had fun. We hope to be back in the area soon.
All the best and thanks again,

Scares and Souvenirs
Posted By : Bob
Posted On : 05-11-2015
Saw you perform for the first time in the Woodlands on Friday May 8. My wife e and I were the couple from Huntsville. I do group therapy with elderly people trying to deal with depression associated with aging,When I heard the title of your song "Scars and Souvenirs" I thought it would make a great group topic. I tried it out today. I explained a little as to where I got the idea and asked people to talk about their scars and souvenirs. What happened is that one elderly man who has never really engaged in the groups replica panerai became very quiet and than started talking about his adopted mother. He cried and cried as he shared memories about her. This is the most this person has engaged in therapy since he has been there and you have played a role in that, Thank you

A reply from Max : Bob,
What a great way for me to start my day! I'm feeling like a proud of my "children" went out and did something really good and had a positive impact in the world! This is the highest praise a guy like me can get. 
Mark David Manders and I wrote "Scars & Souvenirs" over 15 years ago and i guess it's still touching people now and then.  Thank you very much for taking time to share this with me.  I hope you will come back and see us sometime.


Simle Girl!
Posted By : Greg Grissom
Posted On : 04-23-2015
Comment About Show Venue : Main Street Crossing 111 W.Main, Tomball TX
Hey Max, enjoyed the show at Main Street a couple weeks ago! I couldn't find an email address for you, so if you send me an email I'll get some pics to you of the Simple Girl license plate and neon sign. Look forward to cathing you again in July.

A reply from Max : Hey Greg,
Thanks for the post and I look forward to seeing the pics!  I've sent you my email via your email.

Look forward to it and thanks!


Posted By : Bradley A.
Posted On : 04-11-2015
Comment About Show Venue : Gruene Hall New Braunfels TX
Max, just got back from your set tonight at Gruene. Awesome! Been wanting to see you live for a long time. Can't wait for you to come back and thanks for the picture. Again, fantastic show! Take care and be careful headed back up I-35!

A reply from Max : Bradley,
Outstanding!  Look forward to seeing you guys again soon!


Keep on keeping on Max
Posted By : roy d mendenhall
Posted On : 03-18-2015
good to see the Crystal City attitude is alive and well Senor

A reply from Max : Hey Roy,
Viva Zavala County!
Hope you are well.

Happy New Year
Posted By : Jimmy Bertoldo
Posted On : 01-02-2015
Happy New Year Max. Hope you and Heather have a great year

A reply from Max : Jimmy,
Back at you!
Ooops....Sorry for the late response.

It's been too long
Posted By : Ben Mund
Posted On : 11-13-2014
Comment About Show Venue : Mucky Duck Houston TX
Hey, I feel like it's been forever since I've gotten out to see a show, but come hell or high water I'm going to make it to the show at the duck. I've been on the road a lot lately and listing to some classic Max, but that just makes me more home sick. Hopefully a good show will be the cure. Hope all is well and looking forward to the show.

A reply from Max : Ben,
Did you make it out?
Hope to get to see you again soon.

Mucky duck. A-1 Animals
Posted By : J.J deleon
Posted On : 11-11-2014
Max, Dave draper, ray winter and me (JJ deleon). Will be getting together to see you at the mucky duck on the 21st. Will be a good time. Giig em

A reply from Max : JJ,
Sure was good seeing y'all. Thanks for coming out and gig em!

lookin forward to another great show
Posted By : Scott
Posted On : 11-05-2014
Comment About Show Venue : Frilly's Decatur TX
I want to thank you for signing my guitar in Decatur at frillys and a great show. Patricia and I will be coming to watch you in Bellville next weekend and hope we get to say hello. Keep on doing what you do sir.

A reply from Max : Scott,
It's my absolute pleasure and honor to sign another person's guitar. Means a lot to me that you would let me.
See you in Bellville!  Gonna be a good time!


love your music
Posted By : Comer ,Allison Gaut
Posted On : 10-15-2014
Comment About Show Venue : Mother Load Red River NM
been following you on Pandora for a while. We were delighted (surprised) to see you at the chili cookoff in red river aug. we have a place in Amarillo and Lexington tx. we also have friends in dime box. lee county area is very dear to our heart. so as you might imagine we were very proud to here about our little place. we will see you at the golden lite in Amarillo 11/19. your October gig at the golden lite ,you guessed it we will be in lee county, we luv your music . cag

A reply from Max : Allison,
So glad you are liking the music. I feel very lucky to get to make it!  It's a real pleasure when nice folks like you take time to say nice things about it.  Hope you enjoyed the show in Amarillo. That was a fun night.  Hope to see you again down central Texas way?


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