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  Back again
Posted By : Sherrie Arquette
Posted On : 02-13-2019
HI Max! My honey and I drove up from Galveston County a couple months ago to see you in Denton and loved the show. We are looking to see you in Crystal Beach on 4/6/19, but can't find a link anywhere to purchase tickets.replicas omega  Can you let me know where to purchase them? I tried the Stingaree site, but there isn't a link there. We can't wait to see you with our friends in April. Best wishes to all of you! Sherrie

A reply from Max : Sherrie,
I'm so glad you enjoyed the show!  And we look forward to seeing you at Stingaree.  We'll have fun there too.  We've asked the venue about advance tickets and haven't heard back just yet. If they do let us know,replika órák we'll list something for you.  I don't THINK that they do advance tix....but sometimes when I think too much it gets me in trouble....we'll keep an eye on it.
See you there either way?

  Come to East Texas Please!
Posted By : Lisa Morgan
Posted On : 02-11-2019
My husband and I got lucky and were in Denton this past weekend and caught your show at the MuleBarn. Awesome show! Band is great and location was a lot of fun. Been fans for a very long time (you signed a hat for me-we told you last time we saw you was at Hall of Fame). Would love for you to make it out to Texarkana area some time! Thanks for your music and Gig Em!!

A reply from Max : Lisa,
Thanks for the great note and thanks for coming to the show!  We love the Mule Barn.  It's a good room!  
We'd love to come to out to Texarkana. What venues do you recommend?
Hope to see you soon at room close to you!

  Since you won't come to me, I'll come to you
Posted By : Jack
Posted On : 02-11-2019
Hey Max! Love you sound and song writing. I'm from Oregon but looking to book a Texas trip to see you perform live! Cheers! Jack Hasty

A reply from Max : Hey Jack...come on down!  We'd love to have you.  When do you think you will be down here?  We want to shake your hand.
All the best and thanks for listening.
Till we meet in person!

  Look forward to seeing you at The Blue Door
Posted By : Dick Thompson
Posted On : 02-09-2019
My wife and I drove from OKC to catch your annual holiday concert at Doc’s Bar and Grill in Muenster, TX. Great evening. Appreciate your willingness to cross the Red River and look forward to seeing you at The Blue Door you on March 1st. We only live a few blocks from the venue so let me know if you need a place to hang out or home cooked meal before the show. All the best, Dick Thompson

A reply from Max : Dick,
So glad you liked the Doc's show. We always enjoy that room. Jo is such a sweetheart!
Yep, we are looking forward to being in OK soon.  We are briniging all the good will of Texas up that direction.
Thanks for the invite but we are going to be running pretty fast a furious that day. We'll see you at the show though!
All the best and thanks!

  Hoping to catch a show!
Posted By : Brett
Posted On : 01-25-2019
My wife and I are planning a Texas visit from March 13 to 25th....we would loving nothing more than to catch one of your shows. Any dates around the Austin corridor? Your biggest Canadian fans, Brett & Monica

A reply from Max : Brett,
Looking forward to having you guys come down and visit. Sadly, as of this writing, we don't have anything in the Austin area in that time frame. We have an East Texas show (Moores Store in Ben Wheeler, TX....they are having bar stool races in downtown Ben Wheeler that afternoon, then we play that night....might be worth a trip to come see that!).  

Perhaps we will add somethign last minute to the calendar in that time frame....

Either way, travel safe and we will see you someday soon!


  You'd Better Be
Posted By : Craig Carter
Posted On : 08-17-2018
"You'd better be" I think I figured the song out. Hint to me is it talking about strangers/ or acquaintances? Two years listening I admire this song so much.

A reply from Max : Craig,
I'm pleased to know you like the tune.  So, tell me what you've figured out?  I'm curious to know your take on it.  I have my perspective on it but it's just one guys opinion...
Look forward to hearing about it...

  We don’t get out much...
Posted By : Kevin Patek
Posted On : 07-02-2018
Comment About Show Venue : Gruene Hall Gruene TX
Thoroughly enjoyed your show at Gruene Hall 6/30/18. As the title suggests, with work and kids and, a night out with my sweetheart of 20 years is rare and special. We caught a performance about 14 years ago at Sanger hall, and we were immediate fans, you signed a copy of wide afternoon and chatted with us for a minute about our trip in from Shiner...what impressed us then is what we came back and saw 14 years later, real music played and sung by genuine, nice people with some serious chops. Thanks for another great date, great memory , and all the great music! Kevin

A reply from Max : Kevin,
Well I'm pleased to know you guys enjoyed yourselves.  We sure had fun at Gruene Hall.  Great place and great crowd.
I can't thank you enough for your kind words. They mean a lot. We try to "keep it real."
I really hope you will come back and see us again as soon as your schedule permits. Heck, bring the little ones. We are playing more and more places that are at least semi-appropriate for younguns.
Till then...
Thanks and all the best,

Posted By : Bill
Posted On : 06-27-2018
Hi, Max, and thanks for answering my post. I found your music on a site called Jango, and I'm glad I did ! I'm in Toronto, Canada. Never been to Texas, but if I'm ever lucky enough to go down there, I'll be be sure to check your tour dates and try to see a live show. Looks like it would be a lot of fun.

A reply from Max : Bill,
So pleased to make your acquaintance! Hope things are good up your way.  I'm very pleased to know you like the music and please do come down and see us!
I'm a big fan of Fred Eaglesmith and Corb Lund.  Not sure if you are hip to them.  Really great Canadian singer-songwriters.  
Come see us!

  A New Fan from Canada
Posted By : Bill
Posted On : 06-25-2018
Hello; Just recently stumbled across your music online. I've only heard 2 of your songs so far, but looking forward to exploring the rest of your repertoire. (Really love "Heat of a Wide Afternoon". My kind of country. So rare these days.)

A reply from Max : Bill,
So great to hear from you!  I really appreciate you tuning into the music. It pleases me immensly that you like the stuff.  Where online did you find the music?  
I hope someday you can make it out to a live show.  Where do you reside?
All the best and thanks so much for checking in. 
Till we meet in person,

  Interactive Show
Posted By : Kayla Carter
Posted On : 06-03-2018
Comment About Show Venue : Germanfest Muenster Tx
Hello! I am an 11 year old girl. My mom and dad took my sister and me to the Germanfest in Muenster 2018. It was a great show! I was in the front row, so interactive. You threw me your guitar pick! Yay!!! Dancing and singing along having fun. My dad plays your music alot- very catchy and fun. Just wanted to say thanks for the good time! #1 fan,Kayla

A reply from Max : Kayla,
I'm so glad to hear from you!  And I'm so glad to know you had fun at the show. I remember you being in ther front row. That was a fun time!  I really hope you will come back and see us again very soon! Tell your folks that I appreciate them bringing you out to shows and playing my music. I hope to see you again soon!
Your friend,

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