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  Loved the acoustic show in Gruene!
Posted By : Beth Powell Morrison
Posted On : 08-01-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Gruene Hall Gruene TX
Max, What a great time I had at the show!! It was excellent to see & hear you again, and in an acoustic setting with two other superb musicians! Thanks for sharing your music with so many. I have two requests just for fun...can the next cruise NOT be during marching season (fat chance, right?), and I'd like to hear "Lay My Burdens Down" at a live event sometime. That song reminds me so much of my dad, who passed away in '95. I'm gonna try to be omega replica at Gruene again on Aug. 10. Y'all take care!

A reply from Max : Beth,
Great seeing you there and so glad you enjoyed the event(s).  As for the cruise, yep....I will do my best to make the schedule better for everybody next time : )
I am glad the song finds a home with you. I will do my best to get it into the set list.


  Afternoon Music?
Posted By : Tim Ragan
Posted On : 07-11-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Blue Moose Lodge Houston TX
I see you are appearing at the Blue Moose Lodge tomorrow. Their site says 4-8 PM. I just thought I'd check to see if this time is correct. I don't find too many matinee mid-week shows and just thought I'd verify. Thanks

A reply from Max : Hey Tim,
Thanks for the heads up on that.  No, sir. It's not a matinee show.  It will be a later show....more like music starting at 9:00.  I think there is an opener and then I will be doing a song swap with the very talented Thom Shepard.
Come see us!

  Great show in Plano!
Posted By : Lisa Pedrotti
Posted On : 07-08-2012
Max, Thank you for a wonderful show at Love and War in Texas, Plano. It was a pleasure to meet you after the show. I could have listened to you perform for a few hours more. Hope to see you again in the DFW area soon. Safe travels. --Lisa

A reply from Max : Lisa,
Thanks for the really kind post. Wish we could have played all night.  Good news is we are going to be back in DFW soon. Check the calendar and come see us!


  Just a friendly hello...
Posted By : Allison McKee-Smith
Posted On : 07-03-2012
Hey there Mr. Stalling, The universe has sent me several signs within the last month that I need to say hello: I met a friend in a class at UNT who is all the way from Crystal City; heard either your name or you in person on two different radio stations in the past week, and to top it all off found a couple of bagels growing mold on my kitchen counter yesterday that reminded me of a summer long ago when a young, up-and-coming food scientist/singer-songwriter had to put up with several obnoxious interns wreaking havoc in in his workplace. (I am fairly certain the notes you asked us to make about mold growing on bagels was some form of revenge for how annoying we all were.) Anyways, just want you to know you made the right choice in following the music and not the mold. Keep up the great work! Hopefully the family and I can all make it out to a show sooner rather than later. --A

A reply from Max : Allison!  Hey there!  How are you?  Long time no talk to. 

Ah, the old 7 degrees of separation from a moldy bagel.  Story of my life.

Those were the days.

Hope you are well and that you will come see us sometime.  I assume you are in North Texas somewhere?


  Another Great Show!
Posted By : Brad Trull
Posted On : 07-02-2012
Max, it was truly a pleasure to see you again! Always have been a huge fan of Love and War in Texas, and mixing their food and your music was amazing! You always put on such a great show, and your music is really one of a kind in my book. It was neat to get some stuff signed, and glad my girlfriend got another max stalling shirt out of the deal as well. I look forward to the next time I get to see you in concert! And whatever you do, please DON'T stop making such great Texas Music! Thanks for a great performance, keep up the awesome work!!!

A reply from Max : Brad,
Thanks so much for the great note.  Glad you enjoyed the show, and I agree about Love & War. Fine joint.

All the best and hope you will come see us again.

And, once again, thanks for the kind words.


  Missin' you
Posted By : Kate
Posted On : 06-15-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Blue Door Oklahoma City OK
Super sad that I didn't get to see y'all last night here in OKC at the blue door! I was all dressed up with no where to go. :( wish I could make it to the ballroom tonight!! Don't even think about not rescheduling this OKC show!! Promise I'll be there next time

A reply from Max : Kate,
So sorry the show didn't get to happen. But we will get it rescheduled and move forward from there. Hope you found something fun to do that night and that weekend.

See you when we get back up north of the Red River!


  Introduction by Jake Bays
Posted By : Harriet Young
Posted On : 06-11-2012
It was such a pleasure to be introduced to you and Mark David Manders by Jake Bays at Adair's at the Heath Webb Benefit yesterday. Hopefully, you will remember that I am an MBA student who is working on a project about original Texas music and musicians. I am sorry I did not have the opportunity to speak directly with you, but standing next to Mr. Manders during those introductions left me little options (jk...he was awesome : - ) But, I very much enjoyed watching and hearing you perform! What a treat! I have some photos from that performance which I will post shortly to your fan photos page. You generously agreed to help with my project and I will be getting in touch with Jake about how to get the materials to you! Your knowledge and experience will be so valuable! Thank you so much! Harriet

A reply from Max : Harriet,
It was my pleasure as well. I am more than happy to provide what ever assistance I can give you.

Just rememeber that my opinion and 50 cents still won't get you a decent cup of coffee.

I will drop you an email and we can see what is what.

All the best and thanks,

  Life & Music
Posted By : A.J. Ash
Posted On : 06-11-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Bill's Record's and Tapes 1317 S. Lamar St., Dallas TX
Max, I dropped into Bill's 8 0r 9 years ago and haven't stopped listening since, your music, your thoughts, have carried me a long way since...4 years in Germany now in Maryland and I always play your albums with new friends and you never failed to strike a chord! Can't wait to get back home to Texas this month. DONT EVER STOP making music

A reply from Max :

Ah, Bills R&T!  What a great place.  Still a great place. Do you ever go to his new location on South Lamar in Dallas?  Great place to search out music. 

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. Hope you will come see one of our shows as soon as you get back into Texas. 

All the best,

  Good times
Posted By : Johnny Mack
Posted On : 05-28-2012
Hey Max long time no see. How are things down Tyler way? We are goin to try to make it out to hanks June 2nd. Just curious being a long time fan, do u ever hear or talk to Dale anymore? We use to be friends on MySpace but I lost contact with him a couple years back Is he playing with anybody again or still selling guitar parts? I sure love the sound of Bryce's music with the band so do t take this the wrong way but I have never seen anybody play like Dale did on the pila song. Always sent chills up my back, anyway can't wait to see all of y'all at hanks

A reply from Max : Hey JM,
Great seeing you the other night. Wish we had had more time to visit. Thanks for coming out.
I touch base with Dale every once in a while. He is gigging a little bit....not a ton, but some. I think he sits in with Becca Dalrymple sometimes.  I think his guitar biz is doing really well.  I'm very happy for Dale.  Yep...he knows his way around a gut string guitar.

Till next time,

Posted By : Megen
Posted On : 05-01-2012
My husband and I have loved your music since the first time we heard you at the Golden Light Cantina dang near 13 years ago. Your still our favorite!! We'd love to see you come back to Amarillo.

A reply from Max : Hey Megen,
Ah, the old Golden Light. Great beer joint.  We hope to get back there someday.  Meanwhile, we are going to be in Lubbock, TX tomorrow night (May 4th).  Is that close enough for you?

Come see us!


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