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  Great Music
Posted By : Jeff Baker
Posted On : 04-12-2012
Max I discovered your music about a year ago......sure have enjoyed listening. Love your writing and vocals. All the albums are GREAT!!!

A reply from Max : Jeff,
I really appreciate you taking the time to drop me a note.  How did you run across the music?

I hope you will come catch a live show sometime....

Thanks so much for the kind words!


  Hi Max!
Posted By : Penny Williams
Posted On : 04-09-2012
Hi Max! It was to COOL seeing you again after 25 years! I had such a wonderful time seeing you and everybody else! I don't go down south very often anymore! Best of luck to you!!!

A reply from Max : Penny,
Great seeing you also.  What a blast from the past.  Glad you came to the show and just know that we play San Antonio pretty regularly  (if that is where you are living).

All the best and Puro Wildcats!


  Loved Nocona Nights
Posted By : Keely
Posted On : 03-12-2012
Like I said any excuse to explore new places, I'll take it!! And good music is a perfect excuse! Stalling was ecstatic to see me home. I'll have to bring him sometime so he can meet his namesake. You guys put on a fantastic show!

A reply from Max : I still think it's awesome that you named your pooch Stalling.  Thanks for supporting us and look forward to shaking paws with him!

  Loved Nocona Nights
Posted By : Keely
Posted On : 02-22-2012
Max, Loved seeing y'all at Nocona Nights!Blacktop Gypsy was amazing, as always! Wish more towns had events like Nocona! Definitely worth the 6 hour drive!!!

A reply from Max : K,
You are some kind of travelling soul!  Hope you had a good time.  And hope the rest of your trip went well.  How was Stalling when you got home?  I bet he was glad to see you. 

All the best and keep up the safe travels.


Posted By : JJ Griltz
Posted On : 02-17-2012
Comment About Show Venue : City Limits Stephenville TX
My friends and I would like for you to come back to Stephenville Tx and play at City Limits! We want you to come sing us a little Dime Box, Tx! Please make put us on your list of places to play! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!! Sincerely Tarleton Students

A reply from Max : Dear Tarelton Students (and JJ),
I would love to come back out there a play.  Do me a favor and let the folks at City Limits know of your desire. They are the ones that need to be convinced.  Let me know how I can help you help me.


  Awesome show!
Posted By : Brad T.
Posted On : 02-13-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Sons Of Hermann Hall Dallas TX
Max, I was more than impressed with the show you put on last Saturday! I can assure you, that I WILL be seeing you again next time you're close to the DFW area, or anywhere around east Texas. Please keep up the awesome work!

A reply from Max : Brad,
Very glad to hear you liked the show.  We had fun that night. The Sons Of Hermann is just kind of a special place, know what I mean?

All the best and see you around soon I hope.


  Come to Chicago!
Posted By : Matt
Posted On : 02-06-2012
Max, love your music. You need to bring some of that Texas/Red Dirt country up to Chicago! Saw the Damn Quails and Josh Abbott this past weekend, you need to be next!

A reply from Max : Matt,
Would love to head that way. What venue do you suggest?


  Hey Max
Posted By : Troy Miller
Posted On : 02-06-2012
Hey Max, Hope all is well with you my friend. Not too much time left here in country. Can't wait to see you live here in the next couple of months. Take care my friend.

A reply from Max : Troy,
So excited for you and your guys!  Bring it on home!


  A great decade!
Posted By : Pat
Posted On : 02-04-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Dallas Arboretum Dallas TX
Max, I just wanted to thank you for the incredible enjoyment that your performances and music have brought me over the last 10 years. From stacking empty cans high with buddies at Poor David's (on Greenville, of course), to the first dance with my bride (Never need to fall in love again) to taking my two year old to see you at the Arboretum last fall (the only time I've cursed rain in the last few years). You have brought an untold number of smiles to my face. Thank you, and best of luck. I'll be listening.

A reply from Max : Patillo,
What a great post!  Thanks for taking time to put it down in words.  You are a fine Aggie!  All the best and hope to see you around Dallas.


  Great Show at Blue Moose Lodge
Posted By : Anthony Whitley
Posted On : 02-03-2012
What a great show at the Blue Moose! I recently discovered your music and couldn't wait for you to come back to Houston for a show. I will be there next time, too.

A reply from Max : Anthony,
Glsd you made it out and even happier that you liked the show. We hope to get back to Houston again soon.

All the best and thanks,

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