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  Great Song!! My Dad pasted away 10-09-09. Love you Dad!!
Posted By : Martin Yackel
Posted On : 01-17-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Mucky Duck 2425 Norfolk, Houston TX
Outstanding Performance at the Mucky Duck!!! We took 6 couples with us (some did know Max songs that well) we all left Maxalcholics!!! We hope to see you soon!!! Czech Redneck Martin Yackel

A reply from Max : Martin,
Very glad you came, even happier that you enjoyed yoursevles.  Maxaholics.  I like it!  Hope you guys will all come back again.

  I love Google....
Posted By : Brent Huggins
Posted On : 01-17-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Old Quarter Galveston TX
un•re•quit•ed ( n r -kw t d) adj. Not reciprocated or returned in kind: unrequited love :-) We had the most wonderful time at The Old Quarter. Thank you....

A reply from Max : Brent,
Really happy that you guys came out and had fun. Thanks for posting the "meaning".  Proves to me that people DO listen out there!


  Terrific show
Posted By : Randy Levins
Posted On : 01-04-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Mucky Duck Houston TX
Max, Thanks for a most enjoyable demonstration of your great talent at the Mucky Duck on 30 Dec. Myself and 7 friends were at the 9:30 show. I went into the show as a fan telling everyone what a great singer/songwriter you are. Everyone I was with came out of the show as true believers in your emmense talant. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening, it was one of the highlights of my holiday visit home from Germany. Please keep cranking out the songs and expect to see me at some future shows. Gig 'em Aggies

A reply from Max : Randy,
It was my absolute pleasure.  I enjoyed getting to meet you and it makes me glad to know that you enjoyed the show.  Hope you will continue to listen. I also hope your trip back to Germany was a safe and pleasant one.  See you again soon!

  Texas Music Scene
Posted By : Todd Cummins
Posted On : 12-23-2011
Max, how does it feel to own the best performance on Texas music scene ever? The pila song was great! While I was watching (recorded)... My 3 year old grabbed my guitar and was trying to copy your bass player. When she spun it I lost it! Anyway, great job as always.

A reply from Max : Todd,
Well, I guess it feels pretty danged good!  Thanks for the awesome post!
Made my day.

  Look At My Past
Posted By : Tim Ragan
Posted On : 12-06-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Main Street Crossing 111 W.Main, Tomball TX
Max, I've never heard you perform Look at My Past. Is this one you don't do anymore? It's great ending to Comfort in the Curves. We are ticketed for the New Years Eve Eve 9:30 Mucky Duck and are looking forward to hearing you and the guys. Thanks for the tunes.

A reply from Max : Tim,
Great question you ask.  No really great answer for you. We do, every so often, do Look In My Past.  I guess it just doesn't always fit into some of the bigger "honky tonk" shows we do. Maybe we will try to add it for the Mucky Duck show you are coming to. Looking really forward to it!

  Thanks Again!!!
Posted By : Keely Gray
Posted On : 12-05-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Gruene Hall Gruene TX
Max, Had a blast Friday in Gruene, you never disappoint!!! Thanks again for signing Stalling's collar & for the guitar pick, its definitely getting added to the collar!! I'll get a photo emailed to you within the next couple days.

A reply from Max : Keely,
I was very honored to sign such a fine animal's collar.  Thanks for letting me do that.

All the best and hope you will come see us again. And bring your pooch next time!


  Fabulous Birthday Party!
Posted By : Sharon Gilliam
Posted On : 11-07-2011
Hello Max and Band, Thank you so much for playing at my 50th birthday party! You've gotten rave reviews from all of our friends and made my day so special. We'll see you soon up in Denton. 29 forever!!

A reply from Max : Sharon,
It was absolutely our pleasure!  We had a fine time and hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did.

Till next time,

  October 15th
Posted By : Kelly & Taylor Noles
Posted On : 10-18-2011
From Taylor and I and all of our family and friends, thank you from Boise, ID for the amazing night at our wedding reception. You and your guys have been getting rave reviews. Thank you for traveling so far!

A reply from Max : Kelly and Taylor,
The pleasure was all ours!  We had a really great time.  Thanks so much for bringing us to Boise for your big day. I hope y'all had as much fun as we did.  Hope to see you guys again soon.

  Old Quarter Show
Posted By : Mildred and Phil
Posted On : 10-16-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Old Quarter Galveston TX
Really enjoyed the 10/9 show at the Old Quarter. You played a great mix of my favorites. Thanks for ending with "Sky View Cabaret". Also enjoyed the background story about "Cowboy from Catarina". One quick question - why do you not do "The Rodeo Song" live? I LOVE that song.

A reply from Max : M and P,
We had fun that night.  Old Quarter is a special place and we always seem to have a special time there. Hope to get to come back again.

Rodeo Song....a Mark David Manders classic.  We will have to look into adding it back to the set.  Thanks for the gentle reminder.

All the best and hope to see you again soon.

  OLd Quater Show on Oct. 7
Posted By : Tim Ragan
Posted On : 10-09-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Old Quarter Galveston TX
The whole band was awesome on Friday night. Thanks for the show.

A reply from Max : Tim,
We had a lot of fun!  Thanks so much for coming out and enjoying the night with us.  Till next time,

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