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Posted By : Lisa
Posted On : 11-02-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Private Party
I love your music, I seen you play at hot summer nights in Sherman, Texas . I hope you come back again. And I came to see you at the Beanstock Music Festival. Hope to see you again. Lisa

A reply from Max :

  Happy November!
Posted By : David Miller
Posted On : 11-01-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Sons Of Hermann Hall 3414 Elm Street, Dallas TX
Hope everyone makes it out to some shows this month! Look for me at the Son's of Hermann Hall on the 15th. After I take my son to see Harry Potter of course. What kind of parent do you think I am? :-)

A reply from Max :

  Private Party
Posted By : Gus
Posted On : 11-01-2002
Hay - I wanted to know if maax could play at a party I am going to be given. it's right by dallas out thourough carollton. its a big festival and we are all big fans , me and my friends. we'r going to have a big bonfire, and lots of cold beer! max is so great. i love that song about going down i 35 thats the story of my life. he and his band can stay in my mobile home i have out on the ranch at no charge. besides, we can give evryone lots of food and beer. theres even a bathroom at the chevron across the street they lets us use becuse the one in the trailer is broke. ther e shower is broke too but its clean and the bed is soft. tell me if you like hog, quall or reglur beef so that's what we have to cook for the festival.. I met you at sons on herman hall one night and you said thanks for buying the cd. tell your band to bring there tents and mess kits for the festival wer expecting like 5 thousand people there and we chanrging $14.50 per person . its all for charity so thats a good cause. we cant pay much but well put your name on the tshirt and were making up 100 flyers. hope you can do it.. thank you gus

A reply from Max :

  Where to buy!!!!!!!!
Posted By : Gail Landry
Posted On : 10-29-2002
Hey! Hope things are going well! Wanted to let you know that you are at Wal-mart again with the new record! I bought two of the new records there - wanted to boost the sales! Might be a source if someone can't get to Bill's, etc. The spine that shows doesn't have the title so you have to look at the discs that don't have a title showing. Have a good one! Will catch up with you soon! G

A reply from Max :

  You're the dude
Posted By : shad
Posted On : 10-25-2002
Sasha says you're the dude

  "And it's tru"ly awesome...
Posted By : Liz
Posted On : 10-21-2002
Max - Your new release is the best yet, but not because I didn't love the first two! I especially enjoy the added richness of all the additional instruments throughout. And, as always, Woody Woodruff's gut string guitar is simply awesome. "And It's True" is wonderful - if I ever get married, will you play it at my wedding? :) When will you be in the Dallas area again?

  Marry me?
Posted By : Regan Waller
Posted On : 10-19-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Private Party
Max, I saw you this afternoon at Bocktoberfest, and you stole the show. Thanks for putting up with the rain and the mud. You rock. --Reg

  Family Friendly Shows
Posted By : Eve Lawson
Posted On : 10-18-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Poor David's Pub 1313 South Lamar, Dallas TX
Max, I've heard great things about the Poor David's early show. I'd love to bring my kids so I'm casting my vote for another family friendly show sometime. Also, I'd love to send you a package of products if I knew where to send it. I thought showing up in a bar with a case of snacks might be kind of geeky! Glad to hear you are doing so well. Eve Lawson

  I hope the Texas Hall of Fame Show went well
Posted By : George Vindiola
Posted On : 10-14-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Executive Surf Club 309 N. Water Street, Corpus Christi TX
Max, We were in Bryan this weekend for my wife's 10 year high school reunion. I heard on the radio that you were playing the Hall of Fame. Then this morning I got the email from Jim Stalder that Charlie had made your website! Anyway, we miss you hear at Frito, but I 'm glad to see that you are doing so well. Take care. George Vindiola

  corpus christi show
Posted By : kevin
Posted On : 10-12-2002
Comment About Show Venue : The Cotton Club 212 E Davilla, Granger TX
saw max play a couple songs at the surf club yesterday afternoon before the concert at concrete street that lastnight. man what a show (both places) i also like his new song 6x9 yesterday was the first time that i had heard it and i thought i was a great song and reminded me of high school.

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