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  Hey Uncle Max
Posted By : Mindee Robinson
Posted On : 09-25-2002
Comment About Show Venue : The Cotton Club,212 E Davilla Granger TX
Hey Uncle Max, Its Mindee. I just wanted to say hi and that I miss you. Hope to see you soon. The new cd is great. Thanks for the acknowledgement in on the cd book. Email me soon, love you, mindee

  Every show is better than the last!
Posted By : Scott
Posted On : 09-23-2002
Max, It's great to be able to turn on the radio and hear your stuff. You're doing a great job and its only a matter of time till you become the new star of Texas. Sure wish you could make it to Houston more often, I'm looking forward to Oct. 17 at Blanco's. Till then, Scott.

  Private Party
Posted By : Mary
Posted On : 09-23-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Private Party
My son and The Range actually turned me on to you and boy, am I glad!! Went to a friend's "40th" on 9-20-02 and had a hoot of a time! You and Mark are what I know as "Texas". Since I was one to grow up on Jerry Jeff, it's truly good to see someone carring on the sound. Best of luck to both of ya and....who knows....maybe we'll get ya'll for another "private" out here in the "country"! Thanks for the great show and good music! We'll be posting our pics on you web site...........Thanks again! Mary

Posted By : Bradley Katt
Posted On : 09-23-2002
I really enjoyed watching you play on GAC Sunday night. The music was great and it made for a good night of entertainment.

  Good Job my Friend
Posted By : Tracy Murphree
Posted On : 09-20-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Red Dirt Café Norman OK
Picked up the new CD and Ive about worn it out, outstanding job my friend. Hope to see you soon, tell Super Dave we had a shin dig in Denton again wished you both could have been there of course Manders almost got struck by lightning on stage but it was a little funny watching him move that fast. take care amigo see ya Tracy

Posted On : 09-17-2002
I just got the new CD today and I think it's the best yet. It actually makes sitting in traffic on 635 enjoyable. You're going to reach all kinds of different listeners with this one so take some time to bask in your accomplishments.

  Waiting for Max to play in Austin!!!!
Posted By : Kim
Posted On : 09-17-2002
Spectacular website!! I have heard about you through Traci. I am an old but good friend of hers down here in Austin and look forward to hearing you LIVE soon!!!

  Great Show!
Posted By : Joe
Posted On : 09-16-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Schroeder Hall 12514 FM Rd. 622, Victoria TX
Saw you out at Schroeder Hall Saturday night. Great show! I picked up your new CD, and it hasn't left the player yet. Sounds like another great album!

  Best songwriter in Texas
Posted By : Brent Green
Posted On : 09-16-2002
Just wanted to say that you write the best songs and that I am glad that you and the band put out the best music. Please make a trip up to Lubbock there are alot of fans and I know that they would really enjoy it if you came up and played sometime.

  Phenomonal Website
Posted By : Aaron M.
Posted On : 09-14-2002
Hey. The new website is outstanding. It looks great and has a lot of interactive stuff. Can't wait to see what's next. Great job.

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