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  Phenomonal Website
Posted By : Aaron M.
Posted On : 09-14-2002
Hey. The new website is outstanding. It looks great and has a lot of interactive stuff. Can't wait to see what's next. Great job.

  Uvalde Texas
Posted By : Robert Martin (Bobby)
Posted On : 09-13-2002
Max, My son and I really enjoyed your music the other night, what was the name of that song about the 6x9 speakers. I wish you all the luck, but looks like luck is something your not going to need. Keep up the great work. Dont be a stranger Robert (Bobby) Martin

  Hey Golfin' Buddy
Posted By : Andy Watson
Posted On : 09-09-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Red Dirt Café Norman OK
Hey Max, just wanted to let you know that One of the Ways is just incredible. I've just about worn out the copy you gave me. The music is even smoother than your golf swing (when not in a 6 foot pot bunker).

  Saw you in Uvalde
Posted By : Anne Weisman
Posted On : 09-08-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Outskirts 5029 Jacksboro Highway, Wichita Falls TX
We saw you for the first time(but not the last) Saturday night in Uvalde. It was awesome. Looking forward to the new CD. Keep up the good work. Anne

Posted By : Giselle Gazda
Posted On : 09-05-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Private Party
What a great Bocktoberfest lineup this year. Can't wait to see you there, max!

  Can't wait for the new CD
Posted By : Dusty Batsell
Posted On : 09-04-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Billy Bob's 2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth TX
Max, really enjoyed the show at Billy Bob's. "Something to See" will probably get worn out on my CD player by Oct. 1.

  Love the new website!
Posted By : Martha
Posted On : 09-03-2002
The site looks great! it's so good to see some new pics and it's always good to hear from the man himself.

Posted By : Bryan Serold
Posted On : 09-03-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Schroeder Hall 12514 FM Rd. 622, Victoria TX
Just wanted you to know that your new song "Something To See" has been getting a lot of air time on radio station 98.7 in Victoria, Tx. Great song. Can't wait to hear the rest of your new release. Looking forward to dragging the ole lady around the dance floor at Schroeder Hall on September 14. See you there. Bryan 75'

  Countdown to Schroeder.
Posted By : Joe
Posted On : 09-03-2002
Comment About Show Venue : Schroeder Hall 12514 FM Rd. 622, Victoria TX
Max, can't wait to see you back in Schroeder Hall. Really enjoyed the outdoor concert last time. So, you bringing a drummer this time? :)

  Hey Max
Posted By : Jaime Landry
Posted On : 09-01-2002
Hey Max! Great new site. I'll have to send you some of the pics I took from wolfdance. Can't wait for the new CD!! I'm gonna have to get my mom and Ryan and come see a show soon! It's been a while since we've been and I know you miss Ryan's antics!! See you soon, Jaime

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