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  Max Stalling plays the Arboretum and brings rain and ends the drought !
Posted By : Mark
Posted On : 09-29-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Dallas Arboretum Dallas TX
It is always great to come and see you guys. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to your songs. All of you are a class act. Thank you for a good show tonight and bringing us the much needed rain. It was a great ending to a great night.

  Bolivar Peninsula date
Posted By : Don Hendrix, Jr.
Posted On : 09-06-2011
Really appreciate you and the band coming down to Bolivar Peninsula this past Labor Day Weekend. We don't get a lot of shows, but the ones we get I make a point to attend. Thanks also for taking time to sign a shirt for our son Dillon ( A & M class of 2013 ). Hope to see ya down there again.

A reply from Max : Don,
It was absolutely our pleasure. Now that we know where it is, we will hopefully come down there more often.

All the best and thanks for supporting original live music,

  Thanks So Much
Posted By : CW2 Troy S. Miller
Posted On : 09-02-2011
I received the package and all I can say is thank you so much. I have attached pictures of me and the guys with the stuff on your fan wall. As you can see we are very happy. I also attached a picture of my family and I right before I got deployed. The little mans name is Tucker (nickname: Dingo) and he sings Cowboy from Catarina with me. I can't say thank you enough for sending me the CD's and other stuff. I love your music and have to say I have some new favorite songs. It just blew my guys minds that you would send us the stuff like you did. They had never heard of you before, but now love your music also. Music has a way of touching and helping many people and your music does that for me. How personal you were with the package/letter and sending it yourself just made my day. I can't wait to get back from here so I can come see you live. If you ever need anything, just let me know and I will help you any way I can. I do not say that lightly either. If I can help you like you helped me, just let me know. Thank you so much and can't wait to see you early next year.

A reply from Max : Troy, 
I'm very glad you got the package and that it has brought a some happy times into y'alls world.  And, as I said in my email back to you, thanks for posting this up here on the website. I suppose I just want folks to remember and keep in mind that folks like yourself are out there working and sacrificing for something.  I, for one, am appreciative of you.  

All the best and really hope you will come to a show when you get "State-side."


  Phone call from the Duck
Posted By : Nicholas aka The Ramblin' Seahorse
Posted On : 08-30-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Mucky Duck Houston TX
Just wanted to say it was an experience talking to you on the phone from Copenhagen the other night when you were playing the Duck. Wish I was a little more coherent and could've mustered some intelligent words, but that was a little more difficult than one might assume since it was 4 am and a I was abruptly awoken by my brother after he'd heard "I ain't drinking alone" and downing a few. It made my night/month/year. Keep the music flowing and hopefully I can see you live in person next time I'm home in the Lone Star State. Your music's the best, and I can personally guarantee that it's been a hit on the coast of both Baffin Bays.

A reply from Max : Nick,
Glad to have gotten to talk to you. Sorry it was such an odd time of the morning.  But your brother (and your mother) were pretty insistent that I visit with you. It was my pleasure!  Come see us as soon as you can.

All the best from Tejas,

  Nothing Mucky at the Duck!
Posted By : Cletus
Posted On : 08-28-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Mucky Duck 2425 Norfolk, Houston TX
Max, Seeing you, Bryce, Jason and Jeff perform at the Duck was better'n special. Have always enjoyed the dance hall gigs, but sitting with an appreciative audience and seeing y'all up close was fantastic! New fans created in the group I brought along. Folks, pack up your sweetie and go listen to Max and the guys play! Hell, I traveled 400 miles round-trip and it was worth every mile ... that's what Max's CD are for! "Anybody'd wear a hat like that in public, well they just must be....."

A reply from Max : Cletus,
As always, it was a great pleasure seeing you guys. Thanks so much for coming out.  Glad to hear you had a good time. I know the guys and I did.  Looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible and don't forget to bring "The Hat."

All the best,

  Last Nights Show
Posted By : Tim Ragan
Posted On : 08-27-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Mucky Duck Houston TX
You guys did a great show last night. We look forwad to the next date we can make.

A reply from Max : Tim,
Good times indeed. Thanks for coming out and come see us again as soon as you can.

  Mucky Duck
Posted By : Tim Ragan
Posted On : 08-27-2011
Comment About Show Venue : Mucky Duck Houston TX
At the Mucky Duck ready for your show.

A reply from Max : Good times!

Posted By : CW2 Troy Miller
Posted On : 08-14-2011
Thanks so much for writing me back. Definately made my week. I have a grin from ear to ear. I do not have those CD's and would love for you to send them to me. I have heard some of the songs on the internet and they are awesome. I will send pictures to you when I receive them. Thank you so much. My address is below: CW2 Troy S. Miller F Co. 700 BSB 1-279 FOB Lightning APO, AE 09364

A reply from Max : Troy,
Hope things are well over there.  Just dropped off a little care package with the post office. Don't know how long it will take to get there but I hope it does soon.  I hope the items in there will be of use to you and your buddies. 

Please take care and let me hear from you some more.

And once again, thanks for your service.

All the best,

  Home To You
Posted By : Tim Ragan
Posted On : 08-10-2011
I picked up Home to You at your second Main Street Crossing show in Tomball. I don't know how most fans get to know a particular collection of songs but for me it comes with time and few listens of all the tunes. This is another great collection of your work and I've enjoyed getting to know it. Thanks. We'll see you at the Mucky Duck in a few weeks.

A reply from Max : Tim,
Thanks for taking time to really listen to it and thanks for taking time to post something here.  I think of cd/albums in terms of books/novels.  They need a beginning, a middle and an end and have to all go together for some reason. Over the years I have found that sometimes I don't even know how or why a group of songs go together on a cd till the project is almost done.  Then it becomes clear to me.  That's when the title of the cd reveals itself.  It's strange to me how it works.

I hope you enjoy the songs on the cd as much as I did writing and recording them.

Till next time,

  Tenaha, Timpson, Bobo & Blair
Posted By : Cindy Griffin
Posted On : 07-31-2011
Hi Max! I was searching the net for Tex Ritter's song, Tenaha, Timpson, Bobo and Blair and I came across your song Ping Pong, Pool.....great song and you have a great voice....I grew up in Tenaha....I didn't know it was mentioned in another song.....Hope you come to deep east Texas someday soon!

A reply from Max : Cindy,
Hey there.  Yeah, my dad grew up in Garrison, TX and so as a little kid I remember his sister playing the Tex Ritter song one year at Thanksgiving.  Years later, I did some research and found out that the saying "Teneha, Timpson, Bobo & Blair" was not only somethign conductors on the railroad line that travelled that line would holler out but the saying also became a dice throwers exclamation similar to "Eighter from Decatur" and "baby needs a new pair of shows" and other sayings of that ilk.

I know you didn't ask but I thought I'd share anyway.

All the best and come see us soon.


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