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  Hey Cuz!
Posted By : Steve Stallings
Posted On : 10-21-2010
Wish I could make it out the 29th but I'm playing steel for Rosehill at Cypress Saloon the same night. Enjoy your music even if we aren't related!

A reply from Max : Steve, So you think we might really be cousins? That would be cool. However, I don't know how closely we are related as I don't have an "s" on the back end. Where are you and your people from? Max

  Sorry we missed ya
Posted By : Clayton @ Holly
Posted On : 10-18-2010
Man , hope my cousin did not embarass the family out at Swiss Alps and yes I know I told ya we would see ya at the Firehouse, Happy Holly was not feeling well and I do not do well without supervision . Gonna try yo see ya in Tomball !

A reply from Max : C, No worries what so ever! Didn't see anything happen that you would worry about. Hope to see you guys again as soon as possible! Max

  Fall on the Frio
Posted By : Denise
Posted On : 10-13-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Top Rail Ballroom 2110 West Northwest Highway, Dallas TX
Always enjoy your show at the House Pasture in Concan!!!!

A reply from Max : Denise, Good times! Good times! Thanks, Max

  Rockport Seafare
Posted By : Judy Tate
Posted On : 10-10-2010
I celebrated my birthday once again at Seafare. The weather was so much better, but NOT the music. But then I am partial: you are my favorite. Hope you are in our neighborhood soon.

A reply from Max : Judy, Happy birthday! Wish we could have been there with you. Till next time! Max p.s. we will be in Corpus on November 6th at Brewster Street.

  Great Album
Posted By : Barrett Miller
Posted On : 09-30-2010
Hey Max. Got the new album on itunes and love it. I certainly can relate to "I Ain't Drinking Alone." It's a valid argument used frequently at my house. Hope all is well.

A reply from Max : B, Great to hear from you. Glad you like and find the song useful. Not sure it would stand up in court.... All the best, Max

  Fun Times
Posted By : Robert Millet
Posted On : 09-29-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Private Party
Max & Band: Great show @ Floore's Saturday! Second time seeing you and won't be the last. We wore out the three CDs I bought running back and forth to Castroville dove hunting Sunday and Monday. Like all you songs, my favorites are Heat of the Wide Afternoon, Travelin' Lite, Scars & Souvenirs (list is growing). I think Live @ Dan's Silverleaf belongs in everyone's country music collection! Will get the new one soon! Keep on Truckin!

A reply from Max : Robert, Thanks for dropping by the site. Glad to hear the songs ride well for you. Hope you guys got your limits. Till next time, Max

  Looking forward to seeing you!
Posted By : Kate D.
Posted On : 09-27-2010
Howdy! I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how excited I am about seeing you October 10th at the John Prine Benefit in Plano. I currently live in Oklahoma so I'm making a special trip to see you! Can't wait to see y'all!

A reply from Max : Kate, Did you guys make it out? Hope so. It was a fun afternoon. Cool event. Have fun up there in OK. Max

  Thinking about Texas
Posted By : Ben Mund
Posted On : 09-15-2010
Max, I have no idea when I will get to see y'all play the new stuff live since the new job has had me in the DC area for a month. As much as I wanted to buy the new album at a concert, I broke down and bought "Home to You" in mp3 format so I can listen to it while I'm here on the east coast. Well I hope we get to catch up soon, sure am missing Texas, glad I have your music to remind me of home. Your Flying Fan Ben (y'all playing steamboat this year?)

A reply from Max : Ben, Always great to hear from you. Didn't know you were spending time in DC. You running for office? I'd vote for you. Take care and come see us asap! Max

  A Great Singer , Songwriter, & Gentleman!
Posted By : Milo Rhoades
Posted On : 09-14-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Executive Surf Club 309 N. Water Street, Corpus Christi TX
Max, It`s been a long time since I`ve heard original country music, played & sung with such sincerety.You have gained a whole new crop of fans(old farts), that have the greatest respect for your music, and wish you the best of luck on the long road ahead! Milo Rhoades The Original Knob Creek Cookers

A reply from Max : Milo, What a great post! Thanks for stopping by the site. We had fun at the cook off in Navasota. Hope y'all took home some trophies. Thanks for the kind words. I do the best I can with what I have. Take care and come see us when you can. Max

  Heading to TX
Posted By : Heath
Posted On : 09-09-2010
Comment About Show Venue : Late Week Lazy Boy Supper Club The Royal Theatre, Archer City TX
Hey, Naomi and I are coming down for a week from KS and are looking forward to seeing you on the 16th. Can't wait to get the new CD as well. We still talk about the time you played Skyview Cabaret at Hank's last winter.

A reply from Max : Heath, Glad you guys made it down there and back. All the best, Max

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