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  The greatness that is Max
Posted By : Jordan
Posted On : 01-11-2014
Max, there is one thing I remember about growing up. Is going with my dad and friends and all their dads to Love and War in Plano. Also Pickin n the Pines. Some of the great memories of growing up listening to your music. Our dad's raised us right. All of us from Caddo Mills will always come out when you are around. Max singing runnin buddy is still as smooth today as it was back in the love and war days.

A reply from Max :


Hats off to your dads!  Thank them for me.  Hope to see you guys soon!


  Love life
Posted By : A
Posted On : 12-20-2013
Hi Max! As silly as it may seem, your shows have played a huge (positive) role in my love life. In January of 2010, you played a song I requested for my first love at a concert at Floore's and it is just a perfect memory! And, exactly two years later in January of 2012, I met and danced with my fiance for the first time at your concert at Floore's. I know this is a huge request, but I would love it if you could play either at my wedding or at my rehearsal party to surprise my fiance and our group of friends who have been devoted fans of yours for years. If you look way back in the guest book, we've got some replicas rolex comments from them too!! (they're the guys that had a string of bad luck with girls at your concerts at Floore's and they're both married now to girls they brought to your concerts!). Our budget is limited, but I hope you're available or interested because it would mean the world to us!

A reply from Max :

Hey sorry it's been so long since you posted this. What with facebook and twitter and instagram and all the myriad of other social media things we have to watch over, the lowly website gets ignored sometimes.  Again, so very sorry. 

I'm really flattered by your request and am very honored that you would consider having us at your Big Day!

So, has your wedding event already come and gone?



  Fun at the Floore Country Store
Posted By : Jesse
Posted On : 10-20-2013
Great show, had a good ol time, looking forward to next go 'round

  Damn Good Show
Posted By : Van Poorman
Posted On : 10-14-2013
Comment About Show Venue : Katy Rice Harvest Festival Katy TX
Me and my beautiful wife saw you on stage the other night.Really good Texas music.We're going to gt a couple of cds for our music collection.Hope to see yo again soon. Van

Posted By : Fozii
Posted On : 08-16-2013
Comment About Show Venue : Private Party Greenville SC
Ah, so there are other reflecting pools bideses at the Taj Mahal ? So did you talk with her after taking the picture ? Let her know that she was about to become world famous ? Have a great weekend James...

  come to idaho!
Posted By : kahuna
Posted On : 07-08-2013
every time im back home your on the road. so there is only one solution, come on up to Idaho. get a ride with one of them Braun boys, they are always runnin back and forth. kahuna

Posted By : Don
Posted On : 05-29-2013
Comment About Show Venue : Stingaree Restaurant and Marina - Down Under Bar Crystal Beach TX
Thanks for coming back down to the Bolivar Peninsula. Your shows at Stingaree are greatly appreciated. Despite not having a Brass section you guys nailed Bass Run to end the show. Looking forward to your next visit.

  Loved you in Lewisville!
Posted By : Annie Robarge
Posted On : 05-19-2013
Max -- Amazing show last night at the MCL Grand Theater. Who knew you were so good so early in the evening? Thanks to continuing to chase the dream and share the journey with us. All the best -- Annie

  Max Stalling Decals
Posted By : Ken
Posted On : 04-16-2013
Max, I'm big fan. Native Texan but now living in Iowa. Was turned on to you music by Tom Faulkenberry of East Texas. How can I get some of your decals? You don't have 'em in your store and I'd like to advertise some real Texas music up here. I own a BBQ Catering business and I want to put them on my trailer. Anyway, keep up the good work. Love your music and hope to some day see you in person. God Bless. Ken

  Surprise 40th b-day
Posted By : Shannon Cain
Posted On : 04-07-2013
Max, I have been trying to plan the perfect surprise 40th bday party for my wonderful husband who is a big fan of yours. We will have a group replicas breitling of approx.40 at the show on April 21st at Love & War. I cannot wait to see the surprise on his face. Also, we are largely a group of Aggies and it will be nice to honor Muster together. See you then!

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