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Posted By : Gary Fleming
Posted On : 03-02-2013
Comment About Show Venue : Courtyard Theater Plano TX
Max - I loved your show at the Texas Music Series in Plano this past year and hope you will be playing it again this year. I bought the Home to You CD for my brother as we have been known to drink together (in person and on the phone). You signed the CD with the word "Hermany or Hermang", and my brother accused me of signing it and wanted to know the meaning of the word (assuming we are reading it correctly). Can you help me out?

A reply from Max : Gary,
Well, dang. My poor pensmenship strikes again!  Sorry about that.  I'm pretty sure what I was trying to write was "hermano"....the spanish word for brother.  Hope that clears up the mystery and proves to your brother that you didn't forge it! 

Thanks for coming out to the show and we hope to get to play it again....


Posted By : Hunter
Posted On : 03-02-2013
Just wanted to say I have probably been listening to you for close to 10 years. Loved every minute and want to tank you for following your dreams by leaving the corporate world. I live in Dallas and am about to learn how to play my guitar. you are an inspiration and a phenomenal artist. My Stalling baseball jersey shirt is now sleeveless and worn out so im bout due for a new Max shirt. keep it coming sir!

A reply from Max : Hunter, I really appreciate you taking the time to post this. I really hope you will come see us again soon and get you a new shirt.  OR, you could order yourself one off the internet.  Got to the MERCH page on this website.  All the best and thanks again,

  West Texas Way
Posted By : Jake Cottrell
Posted On : 02-15-2013
I met you about a year and half ago, in a little dive in Snyder, Tx. I am a fellow Aggie that is way out in West Texas. I have seen you play at the Hall (may it rest in peace) and on Northgate. I was just wondering when are you going to make it to the area so I could see you play one of my all time favorites, Sparks. Huge fan. Respectfully, Jake W Cottrell Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2009

A reply from Max : Jake,
Hey man...hope all is well. Thanks for stopping by the website.  I'm thinking we were eating lunch in Snyder that day?  Or were we playing at The Lumberyard in Roscoe? Either way, it was good to meet you and hope to see you again sometime.  We'll play Sparks for you.
Thanks and Gig Em,

  Uvalde/Crystal City/LaPryor Connection!
Posted By : Joanna & Jerry Mann
Posted On : 01-25-2013
Comment About Show Venue : Whiskey Girl Saloon Fort Worth TX
We really enjoyed your show! The last time we saw you was many years ago at Don Lindenborn's. You sang a song about Leakey girls and I ( being from Leakey) thought that was awesome! We had a mutual friend in Rusty, who you said inspired that song....anyway, great performance!

A reply from Max : J & J,
So glad you guys enjoyed the show.  Good times! Yep, Rusty is a very dear friend of mine.  We hope to get back down that way and see y'all again.
All the best and thanks again!

  Gruene Hall
Posted By : Brandon Armstong
Posted On : 01-21-2013
Comment About Show Venue : Gruene Hall Gruene TX
Awesome weather and an awesome show Saturday night at the Gruene Hall. That was our first time to see you live but it will not be the last.

A reply from Max : Brandon,
Well, I can't take credit for the weather but I have to agree that it was a great night at Gruene Hall. Hope you will come see us again soon!

Till then and thanks for the post,

  good stuff!
Posted By : toddv
Posted On : 01-16-2013
Sitting listening to you a LAW and just rolex replica gotta say that you guys are awesome!!!

A reply from Max : Thanks, man.  Hope you will keep listening. Come see us sometime.

  Dublin show location?
Posted By : Mark Hall
Posted On : 10-15-2012
I have family coming to see me in Hico this weekend, and am excited as heck to take them to enjoy the wonder of Max Stalling in Dublin - BUT - I can't seem to find Fritts Cattle Company! I went there yesterday to do a little recon, and had no luck - HELP!?!? Could you let me know the location so I don't miss it? I recently left the Metroplex - damned happy about it, for the most part - but it reduces the opportunities to catch a Max show - and we need us some MAX!!

A reply from Max : Mark,
Sorry to report buddy, but the event in Dublin is a private party.  I hope you and the fam can come see us again in another location soon?
All the best and sorry for any inconvenience....


Posted By : Andy
Posted On : 10-13-2012
Great show in Waco last night, Max! My daugther couldn't wait to go see "Mister Smooth Max" and you didn't disappoint one bit. Thanks so much for making her night one to remember!

A reply from Max : Andy,
We had a good time in Waco. We hope to get asked back.  Thanks for coming out and hanging with us.  See you again soon?


  h o t fair
Posted By : kirk bonner
Posted On : 10-13-2012
great show last night look forward to breitling replica dublin next week

A reply from Max : Kirk,
Glad to hear you enjoyed the show.  Just so you know, the show in Dublin is a private event...
All the best and hope to see you soon!

Posted By : Barry Dean
Posted On : 10-10-2012
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at Doc's in Muenster. Gonna be a few of us from Love County there to hear some great music. Be well!

A reply from Max : Barry,
Bring it on!  Heather and I are excited about the show.

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