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  good stuff!
Posted By : toddv
Posted On : 01-16-2013
Sitting listening to you a LAW and just rolex replica gotta say that you guys are awesome!!!

A reply from Max : Thanks, man.  Hope you will keep listening. Come see us sometime.

  Dublin show location?
Posted By : Mark Hall
Posted On : 10-15-2012
I have family coming to see me in Hico this weekend, and am excited as heck to take them to enjoy the wonder of Max Stalling in Dublin - BUT - I can't seem to find Fritts Cattle Company! I went there yesterday to do a little recon, and had no luck - HELP!?!? Could you let me know the location so I don't miss it? I recently left the Metroplex - damned happy about it, for the most part - but it reduces the opportunities to catch a Max show - and we need us some MAX!!

A reply from Max : Mark,
Sorry to report buddy, but the event in Dublin is a private party.  I hope you and the fam can come see us again in another location soon?
All the best and sorry for any inconvenience....


Posted By : Andy
Posted On : 10-13-2012
Great show in Waco last night, Max! My daugther couldn't wait to go see "Mister Smooth Max" and you didn't disappoint one bit. Thanks so much for making her night one to remember!

A reply from Max : Andy,
We had a good time in Waco. We hope to get asked back.  Thanks for coming out and hanging with us.  See you again soon?


  h o t fair
Posted By : kirk bonner
Posted On : 10-13-2012
great show last night look forward to breitling replica dublin next week

A reply from Max : Kirk,
Glad to hear you enjoyed the show.  Just so you know, the show in Dublin is a private event...
All the best and hope to see you soon!

Posted By : Barry Dean
Posted On : 10-10-2012
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at Doc's in Muenster. Gonna be a few of us from Love County there to hear some great music. Be well!

A reply from Max : Barry,
Bring it on!  Heather and I are excited about the show.

  Third Coast Performance
Posted By : Kim LeBlanc
Posted On : 10-08-2012
Enjoyed you and your band's performance at Port A's, Third Coast Theater. 1st time to hear you live and was not disappointed at all. Hope to hear you again soon. Great Band!

A reply from Max : Kim,
It was a very fun show.  Really glad you made it out and glad you enjoyed it.  Thanks so much and come see us again!


  Best BDay Ever!
Posted By : Judy Tate
Posted On : 10-08-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Third Coast Theater Port Aransas TX
With my three children, three of my grandkids and friends we had a GRAND TIME. Thank you, thank you for the Best Time ever!!!

A reply from Max : Judy,
It's always a pleasure seeing you and so glad you brought your brood out to the show.  Good times and come see us again.

All the best,

  Courtyard Theater
Posted By : Mark Powell
Posted On : 10-05-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Courtyard Theater Plano TX
Max I have been a fan for many years and not a day goes by without listening to your songs and I can't count how many of your shows I have been to. I want to let you know that last night was one of the best I have ever been to. Thanks for an awesome show!! Mark Powell Richardson, Texas

A reply from Max : Mark,
Great to hear from you.  I must agree that the Courtyard Theatre was a really fun show. How about that Clay Willis on guitar?  Thanks so much for going to the show and thanks also for taking time to drop a note here on the website.  See you again soon?


  Granada DVD
Posted By : Mike Hupp
Posted On : 09-16-2012
Finally got around to watching the Granada DVD. Awesome show, could tell there was magic in the air that night. Looking forward to your Oct 11 show in Muenster.

A reply from Max : Mike, was a pretty special evening.  We had such a good time making that thing and playing that show. It was crazy hot in there but it all turned out pretty well, I thought.

Come see us live!


  Birthday Party
Posted By : Judy Tate
Posted On : 09-15-2012
Comment About Show Venue : Third Coast Theater 502 East Avenue G., Port Aransas TX
Casey's bd is 10/4, mine10/09 and Iris's 10/15.Everybody is planning on celebrating on Oct. 6 weekend and what better way to celebate than going to a Max Stallig show; that's what I am hoping for.

A reply from Max : Judy,
Have you told all your peeps that your birthday wish is coming to the Third Coast Theatre?


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